Which Social Media Should I Use For My Business

Witch Social Media should I use

Which social media should I use to grow my business? Or should I use all major ones? Well, it depends on which niche you are in.

It’s not only how big the social media site is that makes a difference when you ask yourself which social media you should use. It depends on whether the people in your target market are hanging out.

Here, I will share some thoughts about my niche, and you can research if it\’s also the right place for you to put the effort to grow your business.


When I asked myself which social media I should use for my business, the answer was clear. It’s Facebook.

The reason Facebook is my number one is that there are so many people hanging out there. Also, so many people in my niche are in different groups. The key is to find the groups where the people are who are interested in the product or service you provide.

In many groups, people only spam around with their affiliate links in the online niche. In most cases, people do not provide value and think spamming the affiliate link is all they do to achieve their desired success. When you want to build the relationship in groups, then you have to find groups where people are interacting with each other. There, you can make a difference. The more value you give, the more people will visit your profile and website. The reason is that they start to trust you because of the value you give to them.

Another good thing about Facebook is it’s an ideal advertising place. You can target your audience very well and get good leads.

Twitter (X)

So many people are using Twitter for their business. For me, it does not work so well. The reason is that I haven’t had much time to learn it the right way for my business. I mainly share some activities and my blog post on Twitter.

When you want to succeed with Twitter, you must dig in and tweet a lot. One way you can build a relationship on Twitter is to retweet other people’s stuff, especially when you retweet things from leaders in your industry and build a relationship with them. Then you have the chance that they, too, will retweet your stuff.

Another thing is to send direct messages to your new followers and give them something of value so that they also visit your website. Direct messages are a good way to interact with people.

Since you can share pictures on Twitter, you can also show more of your life. For example, from the holidays, the people you work with, the parties you attend, etc.


LinkedIn is probably the social media site where more business people are in the community. I do not use it often, but I know many people who use it with huge success. Most of the time, I only share my blog post there. Another thing you can do is to join groups. What you have to know about groups on LinkedIn is that you should behave more business likely. It’s not Facebook; people will not connect with you when you spam the whole community.

What also works well is advertising on LinkedIn when you are in the right niche. It’s something that is still on my to-do list.


Pinterest is the most visual social media site I have shared with you. What you must know about Pinterest is that mainly women use it. And when you have a business or products that are not of interest to women, your efforts there will bring you only little results. I also get regular traffic from Pinterest, but it\’s not as good as Facebook’s. The bounce rate from visitors from Pinterest is relatively high.

To avoid a high bounce rate on your homepage from Pinterest traffic, you can also link to your Facebook business page. And when people are interested in what you share there, the traffic to your site is of higher quality.

Also, the pins you post on Pinterest should be good-quality pictures. As I said, Pinterest is very visual. Do not use too much text in your pins. You can add more text in the description of the pins. The description is where you can share value with your pins. It is important to use the right keywords for your pin.


When you love doing videos, then YouTube is the place for you. The good thing about videos is that you can easily build a relationship when you share information within your videos, especially when people see you on the video.

Another great thing you can do on YouTube is to share how-to videos. Where you show people how to solve a problem or step-by-step information for the tools you sell. People love to see instruction videos.

You have to keep in mind when you make videos that you have good lighting when you do face videos. It\’s important that people see your face and that it\’s not in the dark.

In general, is to say that you do not have to invest in very expensive equipment. With most pocket cameras or mobile phones, you can make HD videos. You only have to ensure that you have a good mic, especially when you make your videos outside.


Instagram is a social network where you show your pictures, stories (it can be pictures or videos), and videos. It\’s primarily a visual tool, and it’s used a lot by Online Marketers as you can also advertise easily.

The disadvantage is that your content is shown in other people’s feeds for only a short time, except when they come to your home feed. What is also important is that you share content regularly. Otherwise, you get easily lost. One important thing is that you use the right hashtags for every piece of content you share.

Which Social Media Should I Use Now

Now, you have an overview of the most important social media sites people use for business. With my tips in this blog post, you should know more about where to go.

What you have to be clear about when you make a decision about which social media you should use is that you use social sites. Especially on Pinterest and Facebook people do not like it when you only talk about your business. You have to find a mix between social sharing and business sharing.

The place where I learned most of my social media skills is the community of the Mentors.

Bruno Buergi

13 thoughts on “Which Social Media Should I Use For My Business”

  1. This is a great post. Too often people try to do too much all at once. I appreciate how you lead by example by saying that you started with Facebook first.

    I do that too. I started with Google+ until I wound up generating 2-3 leads/day consistently, then did Facebook, and now I’ve incorporated Instagram.

    People need to start with a social media network they are most comfortable with.

    Keep these posts coming!

    Dr. Lisa

  2. Hi Bruno!

    Fantastic post!!!! Loved how you broke down all of the social media platforms! Thank you 🙂 I am utilizing You Tube more daily now and having so much fun! Shared 🙂

  3. Social media can become so overwhelming. I tend to stick to twitter, Facebook, pinterest and instagram. Although, I'm really enjoying using google+, I tend to forget about it.

  4. Wonderful breakdown of the social media sites Bruno – like you, it is best to focus on one for major marketing, but good to have profiles set up on all of them for sharing purposes… generally people you already know will be there, so you can build up some quick friends:)

  5. Hi Bruno, this is an excellent post that can enlighten members on the usefulness of the social sites as some persons are intimidated by them. If they are properly used and managed they can make a tremendous difference to commissions and signups.

  6. The post is a very good one as it helps to put the social media in perspective as it relates to conducting business online and generating traffic. Some persons are intimidated by them but if used and managed correctly can make a world of difference for commissions and opt-ins. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the persons who have created and continue to create these sites.

    Thanks for a good post.


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