Ways To Make Money At Home With Affiliate Marketing

Ways to make Money at Home

Ways to make money at home are so many out there. One very lucrative is Affiliate Marketing. Especially when you are new in the online business world, it is a good place to start with and earn money.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

With Affiliate Marketing you sell someone else product and you earn a commission. This is one of the easiest ways to make money at home. You do not have to create or have your product or service. There are so many products and services that you can promote and earn money. One of the first places you can go to find products is Clickbank. There are thousands of products in many different niches.

Clickbank accepts everyone to promote products. You can easily register there and search for products you like to promote. Most products are in the low to medium price range, and the usual commission you get is between 20% and 80%.

Lucrative Ways To Make Money At Home

The most lucrative way to make money at home is to sell so-called “high ticket products.” That usually includes products with a price tag above $1’000. You can quickly make massive money with only a few sales with such products or services. Here I have some samples to compare:

  • You sell a product for $50 and receive a 50% commission, so you earn $25 with every sale.
  • If you sell a product for $1,000 and receive a 40% commission, you will earn $400 per sale.
  • You sell a product for $10,000 and get a 60% commission, therefore you get $6,000.

Now, to earn $6,000 a month, you must make only one sale a month, with the third example. With the second example, you have to make 15 sales a month, and with the first one with a $25 commission, you need 240 sales.

I think it’s clear which one is the better solution. These examples show you different ways to make money at home with affiliate marketing.

Ways To Make Money At Home With High Ticket Affiliates.

To have the option to sell high-ticket affiliate products or services, you have, in most cases, to buy the product yourself, or you have to be a member of some special communities. For many people, these ways of making money at home are tremendous obstacles to getting started. When you want to promote a $10,000 product, you have to invest this amount before you can earn money, and not all people can afford to buy such high-priced products. On the other hand, you can earn a lot of money with only a few sales.

Having access to certain communities with access to high-ticket products is also not so easy when you have just started with your ways to make money at home. They usually accept only experienced marketers who know how to sell products.

As you see, these ways to make home money have advantages and disadvantages. Just decide which level of products are the right one for you and get started with affiliate marketing ways to make money at home.

When looking for a community where you can learn the different ways to make money at home, just look here and learn more about it.


Bruno Buergi

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  1. Thanks Bruno for pointing out these simple truths so clearly. It surely becomes clear from your article which is the best option.

  2. I love this post on affiliate marketing and agree that if you are just starting out it is a good way to earn a bit of money to get you started. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Bruno. There are so many good ways to make an income online these days and person to person by building relationships with people and being open to helping them solve problems or challenges with great tools, services or products.

  4. Hi Bruno,

    I agree that Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn money online, provided the person knows how to market the product and get it before the buyers. Thanks for sharing the info!


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