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Viral marketing is the dream of every marketer. At the moment, there is a viral marketing event going around the world: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


Like I do, you too are watching several videos of your friends who are taking on the ALS ice bucket challenge. And the good thing is it is for a good cause.


What Is The Secret For Viral Marketing


The truth is, nobody knows the secret to viral marketing. Otherwise, it would happen more often.


One reason I see why it went viral was because of the story of Pete Frates, a former Base Ballplayer. And I think because baseball is a popular sport in the USA, people are more emotionally involved when something happens to a popular sportsman in a popular sport.


Another thing is responsible for going viral. Pete Frates talked publicly about his disease. And after he announced to do the ice bucket challenge to his friends and publish it on social media, famous people where get involved in this challenge.


And this helped a lot to get viral and also because people were emotionally attached to the story of Pete Frates.

SC Featured: Pete's Challenge from DGA Productions on Vimeo.


Conclusion About Viral Marketing With The Ice Bucket Challenge


The emotion that is behind this challenge helped a lot that this Ice Bucket Challenge went viral. Another major factor was that the sports teams get involved at an early stage. But from my point of view, it is difficult to say what was really the trigger that the Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral all over the globe.


Viral Marketing with the Ice bucket challenge


Emotions, popular people, and a heartbreaking story help to trigger a viral marketing campaign. But it's no guarantee that it works every time. With Pete Frates Ice Bucket Challenge, it went very well. We will see, how this example will influence the marketing of companies and especially how fundraising events will profit from this challenge.


As I said, viral marketing is the dream of every marketer. We can study this challenge and learn from it to improve our marketing campaigns. Especially to bring more emotions in to get our campaigns to go viral.


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    12 replies to "Viral Marketing And What We Can Learn From The Ice Bucket Challenge"

    • Andrea Wisden

      Yes, it’s a shame it’s impossible to predict! Then I suppose it would no longer happen if we could all crack the code. It’s great that it’s raised awareness and so much money for a worth cause. I guess, as you say, it’s down to many things, especially the fact that many celebrities got involved, and also I think people just love a challenge and an opportunity to make a bit of a fool of themselves, in the best possible taste, obviously!

      • Bruno Buergi

        I think other fund raising organizations will try to do the same but I don’t believe they can do the same again in the near future.

    • Merle Gibbins

      Thanks for sharing this post Bruno and have to say being in the UK I had no idea what it was all about although many people are doing here so thanks for the information and it does take something like that to go viral.

      • Bruno Buergi

        I only came to this because of the sFM community and at the end I was also nominated to do the challenge.

    • rachael

      great post! its crazy how it’s spread like wildfire. I think having the celebrity involvement had a big part of pushing it forward!

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thank you Rachael. Yes it has a huge influence when prominent people are involved in such campaigns.

    • Joan Harrington

      Awesome post Bruno!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Shared as well

    • Andrea Ansari

      Hi Bruno, thanks for sharing this post. I believe anything that’s fun and for a good cause has a good potential to go viral.

      I was glad I got around it because it’s getting cold pretty early this summer… 🙂

      • Bruno Buergi

        I did it and it was not so hard as I thought it would be.

    • Dave Ellis

      A really good article about Viral Marketing Bruno and you are just so right, Viral Marketing is every marketers dream, me included. ALS is such a worthy cause, more well known as Motor Neurone Disease that needs a lot more research. I am so glad that all these funds are being raised so that we can gain more knowledge to help in the fight again ALS. And Pete Frates is just an amazing guy with such positivity. Once again, really enjoyed the article – thanks for sharing! 😎

    • Emily Franchesa

      Very interesting and also a big challange use your positive critic and try to mix this Reading up with new ideas and compare with your Life experience is helping me. I like him and need more time to read more. Give it a chance.

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