Traffic Generation And What You Need To Know About

Traffic Generation

As an experienced Internet marketer, you probably already know traffic generation and why it is critical to your business. Without traffic, regardless of the quality of your products, you will never be successful. With a lot of traffic, regardless of the product you are selling, there’s going to be at least some people who are going to be buying.

In this blog post, I will write about paid and free traffic and the differences between the two. Before we get into that, it\’s important to understand that no affiliate marketing business will be successful without incorporating BOTH paid and free traffic methods.

That’s because each method brings a different type of traffic to your sales funnel. Getting as much traffic as possible is the key to a successful affiliate marketing campaign. If you don’t have a steady supply of free and paid traffic, you won’t be able to maximize your business.

The Different Types Of Traffic Generation

Okay, so the differences between paid and free traffic are pretty obvious … one you have to pay for, and the other you get for free. But free traffic isn’t really free. Considering how much time and effort you put into generating it, you still have to pay for it.

Then there are the opportunity costs of free traffic. It generally takes much longer to see the results from your free traffic methods than paid traffic.

With paid traffic, in many cases, you can go ahead and turn it on, and you usually will see results almost instantly, or at least in a couple of hours.

Conversely, free traffic can take days or even weeks before you start to see traction. So there’s the opportunity cost of all the lost business you might have gotten during that time lag it takes for your free traffic methods to ramp up.

Some Main Free Traffic Generation Methods

Okay, let’s back up and discuss some free traffic methods. These are things that don’t cost you anything upfront to do. They include email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, Search Engine Optimization, etc.

You can get all of these marketing methods going at zero cost to you, but generally, you aren’t going to see the results right away. Plus, you must put the time in to get them going. And as you know, time is money.

Paid Traffic Methods

Paid traffic generation includes buying Pay Per Click ads, banner ads, solo ads, and other marketing methods that require you to pay upfront. The cool thing about paid marketing is that the Internet allows you to target your paid marketing efforts with a laser-like intensity only at those who are already interested in the types of products that you are promoting.

That’s because when you use things like Facebook, that site keeps track of everything you have ever “Liked” or searched for, so it knows the types of things you are interested in.

The same is true with Google. You aren’t going to go to Google unless you are searching for something. So, the fact that you are searching for a specific subject on Google allows the search engine to market products that are related to what you are searching for.

The Traditional Traffic Generation Marketing Way

Online marketing is much more efficient in this respect than real-world marketing. For example, if in the real world you wanted to sell your car, you could put an ad in the newspaper that you are offering your car for sale. Your ad would appear in the newspaper’s classified section under Autos for Sale, and people looking for a car can scan through and see your ad. If it’s the type of car they are looking for, maybe they will call you and schedule a time to come over and look at it.

Now, 99.9 percent of those who read that newspaper are not looking to buy any car, let alone the kind you are selling. You pay the same amount to place your ad where 10,000 people can see it, even though maybe only 10 people want to buy a car like yours.

The New Way Of Marketing

Contrast this with online marketing. Somebody goes to Google and searches “2011 blue Honda Civics for sale in Topeka, Kansas”. These are the keywords you bid for on Google Ads, so the ad for your car comes up at the top of the Search Engine Results Page.

So instead of paying 10,000 people to see your ad in the hopes that the 10 or so people interested in your car will see it. Otherwise, with Google Ads and other Pay Per Click advertising, you will only pay when somebody who wants to buy your car clicks on your link.

I hope you enjoy what you learned today about traffic generation! Check back regularly for updated blog posts and lessons.

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Bruno Buergi