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Tidy Url is a new WordPress plugin that helps you to have control over your links. With Tidy Url you can easily track, shrink, redirect, cloak, organize and share your links on your own domain and server! You will have a unique link shortener and you can brand yourself at the same time. And the good thing is that it is free!


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When you are an affiliate marketer then you know the problem with hiding and protect your affiliate links. One of the problem is, when too many people use the same shortener and promote their things it looks more like spam. Over time people don’t trust any longer this shortener because it was also misused from some people.


When you now have a shortener like Tidy Url then you can use your brand name to shorten and cloak your links. People will trust your link more because it comes from a branded and hopefully well known source. That’s one of the key benefits of Tidy Url. Nowadays, people are more cautious to click a link than in earlier days.


Tidy Url – What is it?

Tidy Url is a new developed WordPress plugin created by the Six Figure Mentors. There are several things you can do with this plugin:


  • shrink links
  • cloak links
  • redirect links
  • track your links
  • organize your links
  • brand your links and marketing campaigns


As I mentioned above you can brand your links. This will help you to get more clicks because people trust more a brand than any other shortener thousands of people use. And you don’t have any longer this ugly affiliate links to promote. You can make a nice looking link out of it. Like I did in the example in the picture below. There you see that I cloaked a click bank link to a branded site. In this example I branded to https://bruno-buergi.com/moneysites/ . It looks much nicer than http://a431c5pthdtb4s7j-cil4c429e.hop.clickbank.net/.


Tidy Url Backoffice
Tidy Url Backoffice


Another thing is you can add “No Follow” very easy just by clicking a field. As many people know, Google does not like when you have a do follow link to a landing page. It hurts your SEO. And with this option it is solved for you without editing the html of your blog post.


Tidy Url – What I liked

I love the fact that I have with Tidy Url now a shrink and cloaking tool direct on my own site that is easy to use. And on the other side I love to see how many times my link was clicked and how many unique clicks you have. Below is an example of the link  overview. There you have the over view over your link. In my example you only see 0 hits because I just created it for this example. Over time you can measure how effective your marketing campaign is. This tool helps me too decide which marketing methods work best. It’s easy to make split testing and you have your results direct on your back office of your site. And all this with this free Tidy Url plugin. It will save you money in your marketing budget.



Tidy Url – What I Didn’t Like

I was one of the first user of Tidy Url. And after the first test I realized that there was an error with the plugin. At first I though what the heck is going on here. But then I decided to report the error to the programmers of the Six Figure Mentors and they corrected it now. I was impressed with the support they provided. In the meantime they corrected all errors and it works now correctly.


Tidy Url – Overall Thoughts

From my point of view, Tidy Url is a great plugin that helps you to have more control over your links and at the same time you have a marketing analysis tool in your back office of your webpage.


If you are in affiliate and network marketing then the Tidy Url plugin can really help you to bring more order into your business and at the same time you have a great tool to protect your links and brand yourself. I think you will love Tidy Url.


Click here for Tidy Url.


Tidy Url by Bruno Buergi


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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

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