You Get What You Think And Speak About Most Of The Time

Think and Speak

What you think and speak always has a huge influence on your life. Because you focus on the things you think and speak about. That’s the natural behavior.

The way you think and speak is mainly influenced by your parents, siblings, teachers, and any other significant person during your childhood. Some other important events during your life also have a huge impact. Things like 9/11, a heavy accident, the birth of a child, or other events.

People look at their life and wonder why this and that happen to them. They are unaware of this correlation between the influence of childhood and the current outcome in life. This unawareness is an obstacle when you want to create a better outcome for your life.

How To Change The Way You Think And Speak

When you want to improve your life, start with yourself. I know from my own experience that this is not always so easy. First, you must be aware of where you are now. You can’t physically see and experience anything outside you that is not you.

Your Life Is Always A Reflection Of Yourself

As I mentioned above, your beliefs, values, attitudes, and behavior are influenced by your surroundings. Just make a list of the circumstances you are in right now. Be brutally honest with yourself.

When you have this list, think about the circumstances of your parents, friends, and any other important person in your life. Compare your list with the life they have. Maybe something comes into your mind that your teacher always said to you. Do you see how the correlation?

This was now the first step. Now it’s time to think about what you want in the future. What should your life look like in 3 months, six months, one year, and three years? Take a notepad and write it down. For each month and year, a separate sheet. Describe all the areas in your life where you want a different outcome and describe how it should be. Do it right now.

Congratulations on doing the work. You are now on the way to the life you want. Now you are clear about where you want to go in the future. And this is an important step to achieving your dreams. The next step is to make a plan for the first three months. What are the steps you have to take to achieve your three-month goal? What are the things you have to learn? Are there any books you have to read or meet certain people? List them all in your 3-month plan.

The more you think about your three-month goal and later the six-month, one-year, and 3-year life plan, the more you focus on the things you want. You will realize that they take on more space in your thinking when you speak to others and in self-talk. And the more you think and speak about it, the more likely you will get what you want.

But one warning I have to make here. Thinking and speaking about what you want doesn’t make the changes when you don’t take the actions you should take to achieve it. For example, when you know that you should speak more often with your partner about the things that have to change to improve the relationship, and you don’t do it, nothing happens. So take action according to your plan to improve your life how you want it.

„A mind once stretched to a new dimension can never return to its original shape again.\”  – Olive Wendall Holmes.

Bruno Buergi

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