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Do not underestimate the power of words. Our life reflects what we speak, think and actions take. Our words are the reflection of our thinking and you may be heard the expression “Thoughts Become Things”. With the power of words you can change your life.


You can use the power of words when you speak with people. People who mastered the power of words are very good in persuade people from their opinion or the product they sell. We know it very well from the advertisement industry. On the other hand, you can influence your thinking with the use of the right language. You can train your subconscious mind with the repetition of the right words and over time you start to use it more in your daily life.



The Components Of The Power Of Words

You have to know what the right words are, how and when to use them. With the power of words your life can completely change for the good or when you misuse it for the bad. Now we have to look at the words that empower you for the better. There are three main components you have to master:

  • Choosing the correct words
  • Meaning what we say and saying what we really mean
  • Knowing when to speak


Choosing the correct words

You have to identify which specific words are disempowering you and then shift these words into a more powerful version. For example, if you all the time use maybe than replace it with the word “do” or when you know that you don't' do it then use “do not”. These are only examples. You have to find the right words for you. It can be that another word works better for you.


Meaning what we say and saying what we really mean

In our self-talk and in discussion with other people we often tend to say something different from what we really want and think. For example, we say that we do this and that but we know that we don't want to do it or we do not really have the time for it. This behavior is weakening us. On the other hand when we say what we think then we empower ourselves.


Knowing when to speak

In discussions, we tend to respond to other people immediately. It happens often that we respond the wrong way because we do not really think what to say or while the other person is still speaking we think of the answer and therefore do not listen to the other person. How often do experience that a simple discussion ends in an argument? It's often wise the learn to temper our speech ante silent for a moment to find the right words.



Use The Power Of Words For Empowering Yourself

You can use the power of words to empower yourself on a daily basis. All people have a constant soliloquy in their minds. How often do we notice that these monologues are negative? These negative monologues are very disempowering and they cost you the power and happiness in life. When you discover such negative self-talk then say stop! Start to think about what you really want instead of this negative thinking. Use words like “I will…” or “I choose to…” or any other empowering words. Use the power of words to your advantage and change your life to the one you really want.


In our Six Figure Mentors community, we are going now through a 90 day Digital Lifestyle Blueprint Challenge. One part of this challenge is to master the power of words to our advantage. When you want to be part of such a community then you can click here and learn more about it.


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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

    6 replies to "How You Improve Your Life Through The Power Of Words"

    • Jacs Henderson

      that is all so true Bruno – words are very powerful and we show our belief in ourselves with the words we speak. As you say, I do, I will and I am are all strong ways to start sentences.
      But, like you say, the key is to recognise our negative self talk – and correct it!! We believe what we speak.
      Great informative post Bruno 🙂

    • Merle

      This is very interesting to read Bruno and so true. Thanks for sharing and agree with what Jacs has said.

    • Terry Jago

      so true.. my biggest challenge is the " when " to speak !!

    • Terry Jago

      so true.. my biggest challenge is the " when " to speak !!

    • Monna Ellithorpe

      Hi Bruno,

      I believe this is my first visit to your blog. I enjoyed reading your post.

      It is very hard sometimes to choose our words wisely when writing if we don’t choose to use positive words in our daily lives. I agree that we all need to work more on; I will, I can and I do.

      Have a great day. Monna

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thank you Monna for your comment. Yes it’s often hard to find the right words. When you get into the habit to think more about what you say than it get’s easier.

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