The Major Keys to Getting Started an Online Business

Have you ever wondered why most people never make money with their online business? Most people are completely overwhelmed by all the available information on the market and guess what, they end up not taking any action at all.

Now, I have here Four major keys to Getting Started Online and when you follow them you will see results.

1. Lay your foundations and choose ONE Business Model

At the beginning you have first to make the decision which business model you want to use on your path to success. These include models such as affiliate marketing, network marketing, direct sales, making and selling your own information products, and similar models. Now you have to think about what you want to choose.

To be clear, with every business model I listed above you can make good money. But the major key is: making it work for you is learning real business skills and building up on solid foundations.

Most of my colleagues at The Six Figure Mentors started with affiliate marketing or direct sales. It shows over and over again that this is the fastest way to start getting momentum and generating an income. And what the best thing is, you don’t have to worry about things like product creation, technical features, customer support or getting merchant accounts set up etc.

The major point is this: once you have actually chosen your strategy – stick with it and make some money! You can then start to add other models/income streams once you begin to see real results. This is something you will learn as a member of The Six Figure Mentors.

2. Select One Training Course

Just as there are many models to choose from and there are also many gurus and training courses that can teach you about how to make money online. It’s my advice that you start with one course and put this into practice.

From my experiences I can you highly recommend The SFM. In this system you learn EVERYTHING you need to build a profitable online business. If you start following 10 different courses you will without a doubt get extremely overwhelmed, you get frustrated and most people don’t take action at this point. I did this and many others did this and it’s definitely not the way to success.

I can tell you from my own experiences, since I joined The Six Figure Mentors the results changed dramatically. I learnt one step after the other and now I see real results. And I’m sure this is what you want for yourself.

3. Take ONE Action at a Time

Now you have your business model and the training you need to make money. Your next step is to take action on what you just learned. At the beginning you might feel overwhelmed when you consider all the work you need to do but it will get better and better. Stop thinking of it as a huge project. Instead break it down into easily manageable steps. For example, instead of thinking, “I need to build a website”, break it down into little steps such as choosing a domain name, buying hosting, installing a WordPress blog… etc etc.

4. Stick With One Thing Until You See Results

One of the reasons many people fail is because they don’t stick with their chosen model or training long enough to see results. Often people have unrealistic timelines and think it’s not working. Then they see something else bright and shiny and they abruptly move into a new direction.

For example, a person set up a blog, writes about 5 to 10 articles to promote the blog. And when he/she not makes immediately any sale, the person decides to drop the blog and start Forex trading or anything else. But guess what, when he/she don’t see immediately results they change again direction.

For example, if you decide to become an affiliate marketer, then follow exactly the training instructions. Stick with it until you see results. No matter how alluring other models or new products on the market are to you, just keep your eyes on your goal.

You can avoid this simply by committing to stick with ONE thing until you see results. Set mini milestones and goals for yourself, such as completing a module or finishing some content for a webpage or blog. You’ve heard this before: “A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step”.


The key to starting a successful business include choosing ONE model, choosing ONE training guide, taking action and staying focused. And finally, Start now with us right here at The SFM, because there will never be a better time!

To your success!

Bruno Buergi

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