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Social MonkeeSocial Monkee is a cool tool to built back links to your web pages. With Social Monkee you can submit your link to a variety of DoFollow sites from a huge network. It has also a variety of low and high PR sites. This gives you a good mix of back links.

Do you still need back links or is social sharing enough? The answer is you need both. Social sharing and voting has gained in importance since the last updates from Google. But beside that you still need a variety of links from different places. This shows Google that your page is something important.


Social Monkee Brings Variety Back Links

As I mentioned above, Social Monkee distributes your link to different range of sites. For a normal blog it looks not natural when you only have high PR back links. You need both low, medium and high PR links. Social Monkee delivers a good mix of all, especially when you are an Ambassador Member like I am.


How Is Social Monkee Working

It’s simple, when you have joined Social Monkee you can start with submitting your link. It depends on your membership level how many links you can submit each day. Here I have an overview of how many links to how many sites you can submit each day:


  • Silver:                            1 URL to 25 Sites
  • Premium:                      3 URL to 100 Sites
  • Elite:                              3 URL to 150 Sites
  • Elite Ambassador:      4 URL to 175 Sites


Beside that there is also an opportunity to take part at social sharing up to 20 social media sites. When you share other people links through Only Wire you get points and then other people share your link to different sites.


In this video I explain how to use Social Monkee


You see, Social Monkee includes both, social sharing and traditional back links building. This makes it very powerful.

As you have seen in the video, you have to spin your titles and your description. You have two options within the system. One tool is The Best Spinner and the other one is Spin Rewriter. The Best Spinner only works with Windows while Spin Rewriter work on every browser. I personally use more often Spin Rewriter but both are very good to create good spin articles.

From my point of view, Social Monkee belongs to every back links strategy. Just click here to learn more about.


Social Monkee by Bruno Buergi




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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

    8 replies to "Social Monkee – One Way To Create High Quality Back Links"

    • Derek Howard

      Thanks Bruno, but you mention Best Spinner!
      I had that and used it for a while but then a had a big problem. I wrote unique articles, tried to spin them only to find that they where being copied elsewhere with just 2 or 3 words changed. Best Spinner then refused to work with my copy because it claimed the “African” copy was the original ! I wrote to Support a couple of times, but they did not bother to reply!

      • Bruno Buergi

        Hi Derek, I never had any problem with the Best Spinner.

    • Barrie Evans

      This looks like a very good tool for SEO Bruno. The importance of quality backlinks is key to getting more generic traffic.
      Thanks for sharing

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thanks for your comment Barrie. It’s really a great tool.

    • Babis Gakis

      Thanks for this Bruno. Not looked into backlinks but I will make a point to look at Social Monkee in more detail. Thanks for sharing.

    • Interesting ,Bruno
      I learn every week something new here 🙂
      Thank you

      • Bruno Buergi

        I’m happy when you can learn every time from my blogs.

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