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Social media belong to every marketing campaign for every business. Social media have grown enormously over the last few years, and it looks like it will grow even more. With these social media tips, I want to give you some guidelines to follow to grow your business.


Nevertheless, we want to make money with our campaigns on social media, we have to remind ourselves that social media means social. It's not a constant spamming thing we should do there. Otherwise, people will not follow you anymore.



Social Media Tips: Giving


To attract people to follow you is to give things away. This means you share information, tools, training, and so on. Or when you have a local business or online shop, you can also give away some coupons, so people can buy something for a reduced price.


The key with these giveaways is that you can collect the email or local addresses of these people so that you can send out news and special promotions.


Social Media Sharing by Bruno BuergiAnother thing you should consider is to share social things from your business. For example, when you have an event in your company, share pictures from these events. Share also a bit about the people who work in your company.


When you have a one-person business, as I have, also share some pictures from things you do in your free time. It often has the most interaction. People like to see the not-so-official part of your business. They want to connect with people.


And these interactions also help you to spread your word on social media. Because the friends of your followers will recognize what your followers do and like. I saw it often that when someone interacted with me on Facebook, then their friends also came over to my FB page.



Social Media Tips: Profesional Profile


Do not underestimate how relevant your profile is. Especially the profile picture and banner. It should be clear about what it is when people see your profile. Share your logo and when you are a solopreneur, share an image from yourself. People like to see who is behind the business.


When it comes to your banner, make is relevant to your business. And make it professional. It’s not expensive to make a good-looking banner. You can easily go to, where people will make you a professional banner. Or you can use a free tool like to create your banner.



Social Media Tips: Contact Information


Make it easy for people to contact you. They usually don't like it when it takes a lot of time to find your contact information. You can also include it in your banner or you're about section. Especially on Facebook is it easy to place your contact information in different places. For example, when you click on your banner, the picture will open in a separate window. Next to the picture, you can write in your contact details and also a link to your homepage. The same is with your profile picture.


Social Media Tips: Regular Updates


You can have the best possible profile on social media, but when you never update things, nobody is interested in it. Share on a regular basis something on your newsfeed. Make a plan for what to share and how often. It depends on your strategy; it can be once a day or five times a day. It's important that you do it regularly. Over time, people expect to see news from you. It will help you to increase interaction on your profile when you do it regularly.


I hope these social media tips will help you to gain more followers and grow your business. Constant action is the key in social media.



Bruno Buergi | Laptop Lifestyle System

Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

    7 replies to "Social Media Tips To Grow Your Business!"

    • Boio Bess Daro

      Hey Bruno, what you are sharing here is extremely valuable and useful especially for a solopreneur. I have been one for more than 25 years in the education and realestate businesses on small scale but enough to to be comfortable.

      For a long time I have treated my business very close to my own name and personality. A kind of personal branding. I could not separate the two. What was delivered must be of quality and beneficial even where it was delivered may not always be the best circumstances. *The Product must be real, current and practical.

      I treat almost every business personal. I have been practicing some degree of indirect management of my business rather than inside giving the freedom to travel and do other things I find interesting like sharing with you now.

      When I found the internet and upgraded my computer skills still do, I also found it necessary to find ways to make money on internet. The Social Media tips you share here are significant to the success of any business. People need to know you and your offers.Until you make them known do not expect to be expecting a huge incomes for your financial freedom and lifestyles. Learning is a process and the internet makes it easy now ! It is the biggest and easiest library to reach once you know how to get inside it – So let us get educated with our internet knowledge and skills. Thank you.

    • Merle Gibbins

      Great tip and advice again Bruno, thanks for sharing.

    • Andrea Wisden

      Great tips thanks Bruno. I try to keep my business profile separate from my personal profile on Facebook but even so, I’m mindful of what I post to my personal account. I haven’t done any free stuff for a while…thanks for the reminder! Cheers. Andrea

      • Bruno Buergi

        It’s always good, when you think about what you want to post and if it’s in alignment with your goals.

    • Andrea

      Hi Bruno, thanks for sharing these tips. You just reminded of 1 thing I hadn’t yet implemented!

      • Bruno Buergi

        It’s a pleasure when my post helps you Andrea.

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