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Social Media Marketing Gone Wild
Social Media Marketing Gone Wild

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This is my Social Media Mastery Review. If you are looking for the official Michelle Pescosolido Social Media Mastery site please click the link below:


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The first time I heard about the Social Media Mastery course from Michelle Pescosolido was during a webinar with a leader from MLSP. She explained how the course helped her to master Facebook marketing.

Many people call Michelle Pescosolido the queen of Facebook. And when you see her results and know her story then you have to agree with it. Michelle grew her home based business within a very short time with only Facebook marketing.


Social Media Mastery – What Is It?

Social Media Mastery is in principle an online course about how to build your business with the help of Facebook.

In the social media marketing course you learn how to get started with Facebook marketing and how to get results in the shortest amount of time.

Michelle teaches you how to:

  • Build your Facebook Fan Page
  • How to create application tabs
  • Navigating the admin panel
  • Free Marketing Strategies on Facebook
  • How to create a community
  • Create Social Buzz
  • Advertising on Facebook

The social media mastery course is really strait forward. You learn all the tasks step by step and you see direct examples from where you see and can learn it.


Social Media Mastery – What I Liked

I loved the fact that Michelle Pescosolido took me through all the stages to becoming an expert in Social Media Mastery. It was awesome to see how easy it is to master marketing on Facebook the right way without chasing people. I learnt the best way how to attract new customers on Facebook.

For me it was interesting to see the difference between attraction marketing used in social media and spamming peoples timeline as many people do. This Social Media Mastery course is real gem in marketing.


Social Media Mastery – What I Didn’t Like

The fact that Facebook changes all the time there are things in the course that was not up to date. The good thing I realized after a short time, Michelle updated several modules in the Social Media Mastery course. That was something I really appreciated.

Michelle Pescosolido just announce that she offers an ongoing coaching course. I think this will be one of the best ways to stay up to date with all Facebook changes and build a solid business on Facebook.


Social Media Mastery – Overall Thoughts

I really Liked Social Media Mastery. I learnt so many things about social media and marketing. For me it was one of the best investment for an online course.

When you have a business or you want to start a business and you want to leverage Facebook, then this course is definitely something for you. It’s the best way to learn from someone who walks the talk.


Click here for Social Media Mastery


Social media mastery by Bruno Buergi


Bruno Buergi | Earn Money Online | Laptop Lifestyle System

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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

    4 replies to "Social Media Mastery Review – How To Build A Business With Facebook"

    • Kim

      Hi Bruno,
      Interesting post on social media and what the course did for you. So true facebook keeps changing so to have continual updates to this social media mastery course is really helpful. Great sections mentioned to help people get going in this area.

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thanks Kim. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the changes that happen and it’s always a good thing when you have an option to learn from someone who master all these changes.

    • Andy Piper

      Hi Bruno – great post, especially encouraging to read how the Mastery course benefited you.

      I had bookmarked this and as today I needed some extra inspiration I came back to it !

      Hope you are well !


      • Bruno Buergi

        Thanks for the comment Andy. There is a lot to learn in this course. What I have to improve is the daily application from all the things I learnt in this course.

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