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Making The Most Of Your Advertising Efforts Through Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Whether you are the owner of a well established business or just considering opening one, you can increase the amount of money you make if you learn to effectively use social media marketing techniques. This article has a number of tips designed to benefit you along the way. Take not of those best suited to your needs.

Always remain positive when marketing via social media. People like to be around others and things that make them feel good. Bad mouthing others or making negative statements can lead to others viewing your product or service negatively. Be sure to keep this in mind on your personal page as well if you have one.

Social Media Marketing is not only Facebook and Twitter

Post content on Digg and Reddit. These websites attract a huge number of readers and most of these people use Twitter or Facebook to repost the articles they find interesting. Make sure you create original content that will make your readers want to share it. Always sign your articles with your name and a link to your main website.

TIP! Keep your Facebook page up to date with your most recent blog posts. As soon as your blog is published, update your Facebook page to reflect the new post.

During specific holiday seasons, each social media site will have its own unique perks and rules that should be remembered. Find out how each platform differs from the other, and learn what competitors in your niche are preparing. Some basic holiday techniques can really give you the edge during those rushes and keep your profits rolling.

To get people involved with your Facebook page, use the question feature! This will allow you to create a poll that visitors can vote in and comment on. If they vote in your poll, it'll show up on their Facebook feed, so that their friends will take notice of your Facebook page too.

Use social networks to advertise your special deals in advance. You will get your audience more time to think about their purchase, and to realize how much they could save on your products. Post updates about what is happening in your stores. Perhaps you could do quick interviews of customers explaining what they bought and post them online.

Keep in mind that the more you constantly update your various social media outlets, the more people that you can potentially constantly remind of your presence. Even if people aren't initially attracted to your business through Facebook or Twitter, just constantly update your sites with content that is appealing, and you may create a great fan base from this in the long run.

Interaction is Key in Social Media Marketing

TIP! Consider hiring a freelance writer to create interesting content for your tweets, Facebook pages, and blog posts. This will allow you time to focus your energies on growing your business, and it is especially important if writing is not one of your best skills.

When your customers want to contact you on your social media, always respond in a timely manner. Do not let messages sit for days unread. Your customers and followers are taking the time to write, so from a customer service perspective. It is good customer service to respond to messages and comments at least on a daily basis

You can get more people to share your content by offering them something if they re-post your article or status. You could send them free samples, or feature them in your next post. You will have to find something that motivates your audience and that does not cost you too much.

Find out about the different tools associated with social networks. They will help you find your niche, post content and have access to your accounts faster. You could use tools like ReFollow if you have a Twitter account or toolbars offered by social networks in order to always have access to your notifications.

Get more people subscribing to your social media blog. Add buttons that will allow people to interact with your site by being updated of your new posts. People like to share things they appreciate with all of their contacts. Good buttons would be those for Facebook, Twitter, RSS, email, and LinkedIn.

TIP! Use Facebook to run a special promotion or a competition. Everyone loves winning something, so your followers are sure to get involved.

Use the questions and answer feature of LinkedIn. LinkedIn's Q&A works like a large discussion forum: look up questions related to your products or industry and write useful answers to them. You could also post a link to one of your articles if you do not have time to write something.

If you are using your social media to advertise an existing business, especially one that is based online, make sure you include the link to your website. It is astonishing how many people don't include a link to their own site. Getting those who find you to click over to your site is a great way to introduce them to all you have to offer.

These suggestions are all designed to help increase the number of potential customers any business has. Social media marketing is an incredibly effective tool when used properly. Utilize those that are most applicable and you will notice a sharp increase in the number of people you have in your customer database.

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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

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    • Ryan Biddulph

      Hi Bruno,

      Stay in the stream. Solid advice here.

      Maintain an active presence on social sites.

      Expand your circle of influence. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus.

      Cater to people across multiple channels. Each person has their preference.

      Specialize in 1 or 2 networks but do remain active on a few more.

      Engage persistently. Answering shows that you care, and people who care prosper with greater ease.



    • Theuns

      Hi Bruno

      this is a really good post to apply what you just say hear
      I am going to give it to my boss to read because they need to read it also.


    • anshul

      Hi Bruno!
      i think it is the best way to promote your business and organisation through the social media.for this you have to increase your circle of social site twitter,Facebook,Google+ and any other sites and publish your AD to these media.
      so always stay in stream.good advice Bruno.
      thanks for joining this blog.

      • Bruno Buergi

        Yes you have to increase your followers on all social media sites. It definitely helps to improve your business.

    • Bruno Buergi


    • TracyAnn0312

      Hi Bruno, this is a wonderful idea you have shared in your blog. Well, you are definitely right, Social media has a big part when it comes in advertising a product that is why many people depend to it.

      • Bruno Buergi

        Social media is a great platform to inform people about what you are doing but you have to be careful that you don’t always pitch your business. It’s about relationship to your followers.

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