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Social Media Marketing Tools & Resources
Social Media Marketing Tools & Resources

In todays world Social Media Marketing is an important part to grow a business. Nowadays people spend a lot of time on different social media sites. Therefore it's helpful for your business when you know how to reach your target audience on these platforms and how to interact with them.

As social media marketing is a bit different than the traditional marketing, you have to adapt your campaigns to it to be effective. Therefore you need the right tools and training for it.

Another thing is, that social media signals get more attention by the search engines for ranking. The more engagement you have on your website through the social media the better your ranking will be. On this page I share several tools I use for my social media marketing and sharing.

Social Monkee

With Social Monkee you can build backlinks from different pages with different IP, page rank and platforms. There are also diversity on dofollow and nofollow links. Social Monkee helps you to get better rankings and traffic. The better your backlinks are the higher ranking you get on the search engines. You can start for a one-time investment of $7. Click here to learn more.

Social Monkee by Bruno Buergi

Social Adr – Social Media Marketing Services

Social Adr is a unique social media marketing service. Your webpages are promoted to all to some of the most popular networking and social bookmarking sites through real humans account. There is no software needed and you can access it from everywhere. See here how Social Adr can help you in your social sharing campaign.

Social Adr

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