Secrets To Self-Confidence


Do you want to know the secrets to self-confidence? I think there is no secret to self-confidence. On the internet, you can find a lot of information about how to increase self-confidence. What I will share here are some ways how to improve your self-confidence on a daily basis.

Losing Self-Confidence

Most people have times in their life when they lose confidence. At a certain time, I was losing confidence in myself. And when you are at this point, it is sometimes hard to get it back. When you are in such a state in your life, then it’s helpful that you have a tool that helps you to get back on track. Or when you have a coach who shows you how to gain your confidence.

Here are some techniques that will help you:

  • Meditation
  • Affirmation
  • Trance / Hypnosis
  • Journaling your successes

1. Meditation

Meditation is a good way to improve your self-confidence. And it’s something you can do everywhere and for free. Just find a quiet place, get comfortable, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

When you first start with it, then you may find it difficult to sit still and focus on your breath. That’s normal. Your thoughts will wander. Just refocus on your breath as soon as you recognize it.

The key to success with meditation is that you do it regularly. Write it down in your diary and reserve a specific time each day. For me, it works best when I do it in the morning. Get out of the bed, drink a glass of water to hydrate your body, and start to meditate for 15 minutes.

When you don’t like just to be calm, you can also use guided meditation programs. One that I use often is from Esther and Jerry Hicks Getting Into The Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide.

2. Affirmation For Self-confidence

Affirmations also work well over time. You simply say positive statements aloud over and over again to yourself. It works best when you do it in front of a mirror and look in your eyes.

Here are some recommendations for affirmations:

  • I love and accept myself unconditionally
  • I approve of myself and feel great about myself
  • I radiate love and respect and in return, I get to love and respect
  • I am a well-loved and well-respected person

Affirmation is the same as mediation. You have to do it regularly to get the best effect.

3. Trance / Hypnosis

In trance and hypnosis, you can influence your subconscious mind is a very powerful way. Your subconscious mind is open to every recommendation you make in this state. Your subconscious mind believes what you are telling them. When you believe it, you behave the way you believe it. In other words, when you believe that you are a confident person then you are one.

To get into trance or hypnosis, you can do it with a coach or you can do it with a guided program that already has the powerful affirmations you need to be implemented. One program I used and can recommend you is from Paul McKenna I Can Make You Confident: The Power to Go for Anything You Want!.

4. Journaling your Successes to Self-confidence

A simple but not less powerful way is to journal your successes. Buy a notebook and write every evening in the notebook 3 to 5 things you have done well during the day. They can be very little things, like that you made a compliment to someone. Or they can be big things like a successful presentation at work.

When you do this over a period of time, you have a notebook full of successes. And when you go through it from time to time, you will recognize how your self-confidence increases.


All these things I discussed in this post are very powerful ways to help you to improve your self-confidence. As I mentioned before, the key is to do it regularly and take a bit of time every day. Repetition makes the difference in life, and you are worth improving your circumstances and having a better, happier life.

Bruno Buergi

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  1. I generally believe on the Yoga for two reason
    1. Unknown with any other
    2. Many suggested me this
    But after reading your guide i will surely try other too. Thank you so much for such a nice guide and secret.

  2. Self confidence is very important in the life of any person but due to some lack of time and regular shitty work we are unable to do anything for it. but after reading your secrets of self confidence, i will really try to follow them and build more.
    Thank you again.

  3. sugandha chejara

    Nice article Bruno Buergi, I read it top to end and I am fully appreciate your research. I am waiting further update.

  4. Hi!!

    Two primary things add to Self-Confidence: self-viability and self-regard.It is an essential part of humanity.A person with self-confidence generally likes herself,and willing to take risks to accomplish her own and expert objectives.Great Post!!

  5. the christmas time

    Waking up every morning and giving 5 min time for meditation where there is no sound and I can only concentrate on my thoughts and keeping them as less is possible is a great way for me. Thanks for the article.

  6. Really, meditation is a great booster. It just gets you on the right track. I personally after some intense work out sessions, and the effect just gets multiplied. And I have an all day lasting confident personality throughout. It has something to do with the hormones, that your body produces after working out sessions. Another great post, Bruno 🙂

  7. The Whispering Inn

    These tips are really very informative and I am agree with you, There is no secret to self confidence. We have to make it own.


  8. Meditation is something people most of the time ignore but believe me it is great booster for self confidence!

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