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Schwingen – Swiss wrestling- is an old sport in Switzerland. It goes back several centuries. The first time a huge event was at the first Alpine shepherd's festival at Unspunnen in 1805 and in 1895 the Eidgenössische Schwingerverband (Swiss Schwingen Association) was founded.



The National Schwingen Festival

All three years there is the national Schwingen festival. This year was it in Burgdorf, a small town near Bern the capital of Switzerland. In the last few years the festival has gained in popularity and this year the audience were more than 300,000 people during the 2 days.


The wrestler have to fight several times during the two days. After the first day, there is a first major selection and on the second day, only a smaller group can fight for the title as wrestling king.


This year the festival had one wrestler (Schwinger) who dominated. But the rule is that the last fight (called Schlussgang) has to decide who the winner is. The last fight was between the dominator Matthias Sempach and Christian Stucky.


A long time the fight was even until a short time before the end of the regular time Matthias Sempach did a good throw and the fight was over.




The New King of Schwingen –  Matthias Sempach

Now we have a new king in Switzerland. It's a high prestige title. The winner gets as a gift a Muni (young bull). In the old days, that was all the king received. Nowadays the king can earn some extra money from sponsoring and this can be very lucrative.



What Can We Learn From Matthias Sempach

After his victory, I lessened to an interview with him. Since he was a child he had the dream to win this competition. This sport has the highest priority in his life and he has done everything he could do to be ready at the right time. And it was worth doing it.


Matthias Sempach

 Matthias Sempach – Picture: TagesAnzeiger


Now the question, what can we learn from him? When you want to achieve something special, then you have to commit to what you want to achieve. Persistence and discipline are to key habits on the way to success.

For example, in the industry, I'm in. In the make money online industry, only a few succeed. One of the major reasons is that most people are not committed and are not willing to learn all the skills needed to succeed. The ones who made it to the top is the one who persists and has the discipline to overcome every obstacle on the way until they succeed as Matthias Sempach did in his sport.


The conclusion from the Schwingen Event

It's a personal decision to have success. Not everyone will make it to the top but everyone can achieve more than you believe in the first moment. Belief has to grow on the way and the more you believe you can achieve your goals the more things are possible. Matthias Sempach had the belief that he can win the Schwingen event and so he did. Now it's your turn to believe in yourself on the way to the things you want.


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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

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    • Marty Simons

      I agree, Bruno, that it is a personal decision to have success. After that, it takes persistence and discipline. That is one reason why I love being a part of GOT. It helps me to stay focused.

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thank you Marty for your comment. It always helpful when you have people around you who support you.

    • Rachel Hall

      I so agree Bruno, you have to persist and sometimes a little
      outside help is needed. Groups and Tribes are a wonderful
      way of keeping motivated.

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thanks Rachel. When you take part in groups like the game of tribes then it’s easier to stay on track.

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