Release Your Brakes by Bruno Buergi
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Release your brakes when you want to achieve something new. For example, when you want to build an online business to earn some additional money or start a new career, then you have to go of all the things that are holding you back.


„Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone“

Robert Allen – Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire



Release Your Brakes And Step Out Of The Comfort Zone


One thing that holds us back in the comfort zone are the limiting beliefs. You can compare it with driving a car and at the same time, you had left the emergency brake on. You will never get up speed until you release your brakes.


Stop worrying what other people will say about what you do. They judge you anyway, whatever you do. Or when you think you can’t do that. Just start doing it. Only when you are starting to do things you thought you can’t do, you will get better at it and over time you can master the new skill like a pro.



Why You Don’t Release Your Brakes


Some of our limiting beliefs we have inherited from our parents, siblings, and teachers. They start very early in our lives to plant limiting believes in our subconscious mind. And over time, because of the repetition of implementing them into your mind, you believe it. And because they are very old programs in your mind, they are very persistent and are holding you probably your whole life back.


To release your brakes, you have to overwrite the program from your earlier live experience. You have to write a new program. One way you can do it is through affirmations and positive self-talk. Through repetition of these affirmations, your subconscious mind starts to believe what you say.


It’s important how you create your affirmations. Here are some important points in creating a good affirmation:


  • Start with „I am“
  • Use present tense
  • Only state the positive – not I don’t what that or so.
  • Keep it brief
  • Make it specific
  • Include an action word ending with -ing
  • Include at least one dynamic emotion of the feeling word
  • Make affirmations for yourself and not for others
  • Add „or something better“


Here is an example of such an affirmation:


I am enjoying living in my beautiful new house with a view to the lake and the mountains or somewhere better.



Conclusion About Release Your Brakes

Now you have an example on how you can step out of your comfort zone and release your brakes. You have to decide where you want to go. Don’t let you stop by other people. When it’s something you really desire, you have to go for it. Otherwise, you will always ask yourself, what would life be when I only had done this. And I know, you don’t want that happen to you.


Something that helped me to release my brakes and I’m sure it will help you to release your brakes, is a program from Jack Canfield. It’s called Effortless Success. In this program you learn some more things about to reprogram your subconscious mind. Just click here, because you are it worth to release your brakes.


Effortless Success by Bruno Buergi


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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

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    • Lauren Trecosta

      That is so true, Bruno — and a little bit funny — when we start something new and little scary we DO tend to step on the gas and the brake at the same time! Can't get too far like that. Release the brake!!

    • Andrea Wisden

      Love this post, Bruno. It’s so true, and sometimes we don’t even know we’re holding ourselves back. Certainly true for me. Personally I use meditation & EFT to release those unconscious blocks but I love Jack Canfield’s work too. I am enough!

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thanks Andrea. I use also meditation and I once made an education as an EFT teacher but I use it not so often. I should use it more. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Victor Boban

      Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone“…

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