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The 21st century and the world recession have certainly set the cat among the pigeons where small business is concerned, but there are numerous straightforward no-cost and low-cost solutions for Small Businesses to maintain and even increase their share on the market place. As small outlets find they can't compete against giant conglomerates they inevitably fail, unless they can offer more to their customers. This is done by smart marketing and offering value and a better experience to the shopper.

Hence what's the solution to this troubling problem will our only choice be to shop like drones in these giant warehouses?

People who have a bricks and mortar business have their battle in their hands particularly if they sell anything which is sold by these giant chains.

In order to promote the product successfully, you have to be an expert and unique in what you do and supply best customer services to draw in and retain clients.

Expertise, uniqueness and customer service are the three main things which aren't supplied by these big chains. Since the small businesses are the backbone of our community, I like to buy at small local retailers. Moreover, they're very helpful and knowledgeable compared to large chains where you are not going to get the help you want.

Google is doing everything to prompt small local businesses to get traffic to their website. If you have a highly specialized business your website can straight away become number one when a person searches for Your City and your consultant service. Just this easy low cost selling solution can bring in hundreds of new customers. For a small charge you may be listed in local directories, your local Chamber of Commerce and any other useful directories, which may add up to more visibility and less cost than any costly magazine or weekly paper ad, and do not forget mobile web access.


Many Small Business owners are also under the impression that beginning and maintaining a site will cost them a lot of money and is troublesome.

Offering cost-effective internet site construction and maintenance for small local businesses has changed into a home-run industry in itself.

A great way to be more visible to potential customers is, when you are listed on Google map with your business with the link to your website and your contact data.

When you add an opt in box to your webpage and you have a monthly newsletter where you write about the latest news and some special offers or with some affiliate advertising the site can actually make the business owner some money even after covering the minor costs involved.

Nowadays online businesses have much more hard time getting themselves to the pinnacle of the search engines lists. They have harder competition and have to address back linking, article writing and S.E.O and many other selling methods they must employ to achieve success. A small local business blog built on WordPress can also serve to build a good relationship to the customers. It is all about attraction marketing and getting business back to the way that they should be unique, useful and well informed businesses with wonderful client service that provide a delightful shopping experience for all who walk through the door.

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Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.