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Mastermind in ParisHave you thought about to join a Mastermind Group. With a good mastermind group you reach your goals faster ever thought possible. I had a Mastermind meeting last weekend in Paris. We are a small group of start up entrepreneur from different places it the world and we work together with a Business Mentor. We meet each other four times a year for four days.


What’s the Purpose of a Mastermind Group

The purpose of a mastermind group is to help each other to grow your business. That involves sharing information, help each other to find solutions for problems, keep each other accountable.

The value such a group brings to your business is huge. Especially when you work alone or in a very small business. You get tons of new ideas during the meeting and you have access to the knowledge and connections of the other members.

What are the Results?

During these meetings I get much more clarity about in which direction I want to go with my business. The feedback of the other members I get, shows me where my weak points are and what I have to do in a better way.

Beside the fact that we worked hard during these days, it’s also great to be together with like-minded people and have fun together. To go out in the evening for dinner and one evening we were in the famous Moulin Rouge.

Mastermind group in Paris

My question for you is, have you thought about joining a Mastermind group? When not, why not starting your own group. Maybe you have some friends or colleagues who are interested to join.

When you have an online business, why you don’t join the Six-Figure-Mentors? Within the system we have several Mastermind Groups. Some meet physical and some meet each other online. When you want to find out more, click here and sign up for the free report and the free 7 day video bootcamp.

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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

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      Well I think that the power of mastermind in good when it comes to business entrepreneurship. These can help them in order to make them achieve the things they wanted. Thanks for sharing your experience about it.

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