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When you are using WordPress than you know how helpful the right plugins can be. Just in case you don't know exactly what plugins are, here I have an explanation for you:

Plugins are software components that adds a specific feature to an existing software application. Most people know browser plugins like Adobe Flash Player or the Quick Time Player. When it comes to a web page built on WordPress, than these plugins help to make the web page more user friendly and they add some cool features that helps to get the most out of your site.

Here I share some of the plugins and themes I use for my website.


Tidy Url

Tidy Url is a new plugin to transform your links. You can shrink, cloak, redirect, track, organize your links and brand at the same time your website. This plugin is free and you can grab it here!

Tidy Url by Bruno Buergi

My Lead Bar

Another cool plugin. With this plugin you can easily build your list and link to your social media sites. It's also free to use. Just click here to download your free plugin.

My lead bar by Bruno Buergi

SEO Pressor

SEO Pressor is a cool plugin to optimize your SEO on your page. It shows you how well your blog post is optimized for the keyword you are going for and also warns you when you over optimize your post. Click here to learn more about it.


YouTube Player

Free Plugin that makes video customization simple! Easy style your youtube videos, add custom backgrounds, borders,change the title colours and margins. You can also control everything. Autoplay. remove player controls, stopping people from skipping through your videos or hide the progess bar. A really cool tool. Just click here to download your plugin

YouTube player by Bruno Buergi



Simple Lead Capture

Simple Lead Capture is the simplest and quickest way to create high converting lead capture pages, that you can create in under 5 minutes.. For Free! Create your free account now here!

Simple Lead Capture by Bruno Buergi


Optimize Press

Optimize Press is the one theme to use when you are a marketer. Not only can you create nice pages like mine, you also create up to date landing pages that convert. It's a real responsive theme and of course mobile ready. Just check it out here, because you want to great webpage.


Optimize Press


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