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Unless you’re a millionaire, new money making ideas are always welcome, especially if they give a reasonable amount of income for the effort and time that you put in. Today, there are hundreds of opportunities to make money online. Wherever you look, there will be an offer to make money doing one thing or the other. But are all money making ideas good for you? Do you have to be a bit discerning when it comes to choosing the kind of online business you want to take up?


You should be, and here is the reason. There are much money making opportunities that are so serious. They promise you that you will make lots of money if you join and that you will get rich without much effort. This just isn’t true; to make money online isn’t that easy. You have to put in some work and it also takes time. You should also look for opportunities that tell you that if you pay them XX amount, you will make XXXX amount because they will introduce you to a great way to make money. This is simply not true and these people will take your money and you will not see a dime in return.



So What Are Good Money Making Ideas To Consider?

One of the best money making ideas is selling other people’s products and services, which is otherwise called affiliate marketing. There are many affiliate products that you can choose from – thousands if not hundreds of thousands in fact. They are usually listed on websites like Once you find an affiliate product that you think you can promote, you will most likely be given a blueprint of what you should do to get started.


The most important skill to have if you want to be an affiliate marketer is internet marketing. You have to understand how to make users come to your website, get interested in your product, and actually buy. When they buy, you are given a commission of the sale value and that is how you make money. Affiliate marketing is a so good opportunity because it has no limits; you can choose to sell as many products as you have time for, and although it is a bit slow in the beginning, those who stick with it and persist in their marketing usually make a very healthy living.



Other Money Making Ideas

Another idea is participating in surveys, but for this money making ideas, you need to consider carefully what website to work with because so many are not so well paid. It works by you receiving forms from companies that want feedback about their products or services. Once you complete and submit a form, you are paid a small amount. With consistent hard work, you can easily make hundreds of dollars every month.



Content Writing Are Great Money Making Ideas

Another great money making idea is writing. The internet always needs content and it isn’t very hard to learn how to create content that is suitable (internet content in structured and worded in a certain way). You can set up your own website and try to attract customers on your own through internet marketing or you can join a writing website that pays you a certain amount of money for every article you write.



How much can I make?

Whatever money making ideas you choose and how much time you put into them is what will determine how much you make. There are people who make hundreds of thousands of years and there are others who make beer money. Remember also that time is a factor; if you have been doing it for longer, you are more likely to make more money.


Whatever you want to do, when you are ready to do that now, click here to see how you can learn more money making ideas.


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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

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      Thanks for sharing these interesting ways of making money online.

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      Hi Bruno ,
      there are many ways to make money
      and great if we can make it online
      and live a laptop lifestyle .
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    • Jacs Henderson

      Yes, there are many ways Bruno, and you are right that it can take time,and how much you earn is a reflection of the skills you have learnt. It is also good to work with a person and company who really wants to support you too. So I can recommend you to your readers here in your programme 🙂

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      Great ideas you have here. It’s really helpful, and I (along with others I’m sure) really appreciate you sharing these.

      It’s just that practical to find extra ways to earn income, in the most convenient ways.

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