Make Money Blogging To Create The Laptop Lifestyle

Make Money Blogging

Many people wish to make money blogging, but most bloggers do not. Here are some tips you can apply to increase traffic to your blog and make money with it.

Strategies To Make Money Blogging

To make money blogging, you must implement certain things into your blog. Let\’s start here:

1. You need to clear your site’s layout. Cluttered sites are no longer working. People will click away when you have all-over blinking banners, and you will not make money blogging.

2. Use an opt-in form on your blog where people can sign up for your newsletter. You can use services like Aweber. Be aware that you have to give something for free that is valuable to people. Nowadays, people no longer sign up when they don’t see the offer’s value. Place your opt-in form at the top of your widget.

3. Create content that is interesting to read. It can be some information, some training, or how-to articles. But it can also be entertaining or inspirational. Go out to some popular blogs on the web and study what others are writing or how they write; it will help you make money blogging.

4. Include great pictures and videos in your blog. When you integrate them, people spend more time on your blog. Infographics also work very well.

5. Always include a call to action at the end of your blog and add a banner. You must instruct people what to do at the end of your blog, so give them clear instructions.

6. Make it easy for people to navigate your site. When you create tabs, make them clear what they are. Simplicity is key in the game.

7. Nobody will come to your blog when you write about something nobody is interested in. Do some keyword research. Or simply enter your keyword into Google and see what happens. When only random things come up, then it’s most likely that this topic is not so interesting for people. On the other hand, when there is some advertising on the search results, then it’s a keyword people are searching for.

8. Share your blog all over the web. The more you share your blog, the more likely people will stop by it. Social media sites are a good place to share your information. Especially when you join groups on Facebook or Google+ with the same interest as your blog, you can create momentum when you share something of value with others in the group.

When you join a group, you should also interact with people there to brand yourself within the group as the expert.

9. Look out for communities where people help each other to comment and share your blog. In this way, all will win. The more shares you already have on your blog and the more comments there are, the more likely new visitors will comment and share it.

10. Search for the top blogs in your niche. Read their posts and leave a comment. The more you comment on the blogs of the heavy hitters, the more likely you will be recognized by the blog owner and the other commenters. When you make sound, related comments, other people will visit your blog and hopefully leave a comment.

11. Create a resource page with tools you use and you can recommend. Sign up as an affiliate for these tools, so when people click your link, you can make money with it. Introduce the tools so that people know what these tools are.

12. Respond to people who comment on and share your blog. Thank them for sharing and commenting. People like it when you thank them, and it builds trust.

So now you have a list of tips you can apply to your blog, and I hope you can make money blogging. You can also read these tips here to improve your blog.

The way I make money blogging is, besides the resources I recommend, the Six Figure Mentors. They have a great affiliate program where you can make money blogging about the educational services they provide. Learn more here about it.

Bruno Buergi

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  1. Joan Harrington

    Love this post, Bruno!! Excellent valuable tips 🙂 Thank you for sharing…..shared for you as well 🙂

  2. Excellent post, Bruno. I never get tired of watching the well-executed basics. In tennis you do not get anywhere if you do not learn to serve and volley (forehand and backhand). In “American” football it is block and tackle. In real foorball it is “trap, pass, tackle and shoot”. For blogging – well you just about nailed it, coach. prp

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