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The number one way to really convert website visitors into actual customers is through email correspondence. I can't tell you how many times this has personally worked on me. A company sends an alluring email, you open it and then realize that hey, this is really cool and the next thing you know, you're about to check out your cart. That's the power of a mailing list.

Having a mailing list is the real power of email marketing, which many online business owners might underestimate as a powerful lead generating and conversion force. The idea of being an online business does not negate the need to connect with individuals. Emails provide a convenient and also efficient way to accomplish that.

This means that if nothing else when visitors come to your site, this is the one piece of information you want to ask them to leave with you before they go.

Mailing List Versus Social Media

A large following on Twitter or Facebook and other social media platforms will never guarantee you the levels of conversion and profitable traffic that email will.

In fact, if you get on to platforms like LinkedIn, which has millions of business contacts and prospects, you can get information that will springboard you into making connections. Besides that, you will grow your business to proportions you never thought possible.

The disadvantage of all these social media platforms is that you do not own them. Your account can be closed at any time and all your contacts there are also gone.

On the other hand, the mailing list is yours. You can do with your mailing list whatever you like, except spamming your list of course.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

  1. Email marketing provides you with a direct and safe way to interact with customers, and present the offerings of your business to them. The remarkable thing is that you get to control the frequency of your emails and also personalize them for your audience.
  2. Research has shown that return on investment rates produced as a result of email interactions, is the greatest you will ever receive. Better than any other marketing method you use. This means that your company really needs to go all out regarding collecting email information from prospective clients and building a mailing list. You may be heard the expression „the money is on the list.”
  3. Mailing List Mobile In addition to desktop users, you can reach a wider number of prospects who view emails on their mobile devices. This further increases your scope to make connections, which means that your business will have to consider formatting these emails. Well-formatted emails display more attractive on smaller mobile screens, not just desktops. Don’t run the risk of having your valuable messages deleted because they don’t display well on a mobile screen, so cover all the bases, and don’t let this be a cause for loss of revenue. You can use tools like format it to format your emails better.
  4. All you need is an interest-catching subject line to encourage your reader's further interest in exploring the message. You may also choose not to make your message too lengthy. Keeping it simple may be very appealing especially to busy people and also appear more personal.
  5. You can easily combine your email marketing efforts with social media marketing. Like using videos for example, in the body of your email. The videos can then easily be shared on social media platforms to increase the scope of your reach greatly.

How To Get Your Hands On Mailing Lists

You can acquire email subscriber lists through the opt-in form that you have created on your own website. Additionally, you can reach out to mailing list brokers who will provide you with targeted lists, based on your specifications, for a fee, also known as Solo-ads.

Alternatively, you can run ads on different media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. You see, there are many ways you can build your mailing list.

If you feel that you need additional help in generating your mailing list, just click here to receive a four-day video series that shows you how to build a profitable online business.

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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.