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The old network selling sales routines of cold calling on the phone, getting folk into hotel conferences and the pals and family plan went the way of the dinosaur once the web came into play.

Part of the successful new approach to marketing called Attraction Marketing is one of the most successful methods of creating leads called Magnetic Sponsoring.

The nicest thing about such methods from the perspective of a network marketeer is that it causes folk to come to the marketeer seeking an intro to the business, instead of the marketing expert having to “chase” the prospect.

With Magnetic Sponsoring, this is even more accurate. Such strategies teach the entrepreneur how to attract fresh, qualified prospects without needing to ask for family and friends or resort to cold calling.

Many individuals claim to have gone from broke to a six-figure income in under a year with Magnetic Sponsoring and you can learn the way to do the same with Magnetic Sponsoring, whether you are brand new to network marketing or MLM, or you're a seasoned professional.

You should already have done numerous things yourself before taking a look at Magnetic Sponsoring, and these few pointers will set you on the right track if you are only in the study stage of getting into network or MLM promoting.

1. Choose the right M.L.M company if you need to target Magnetic Sponsoring. Your company must support cutting edge ideas such as Magnetic Sponsoring online, because if it does not, you will have a difficult time recruiting a downline.

2. Is the product fascinating, top quality and evergreen? Is it simply a five-minute wonder that will be out of date in a year?

Will you be proud to plug it? Is it able to be easily acquired at any store for less? In this economy nobody is going to buy something that is bad quality and lay our more for it than they could at a local store!

Evergreen products are things folks will always need such as stuff for kids, things for the kitchen and time-saving tools. Folks will always buy them, yes they buy electronics but they are outmoded in a matter of a couple of weeks. Without a good quality, evergreen product your business is doomed from the outset unfortunately.

3. There is a certain quantity of psychology behind buy-in costs, OK people desire to earn money with the smallest investments, but with low buy in costs there's not much inducement to try hard at building a business. The more that you invest the more vested interested you have in your own success.

4. It is essential to create an internet site devoted to inducting new members and to the selling of the product. SEO is critical when starting a new website, as the site must rank well with Google so as to get obligatory traffic.

One must also create back links to his or her site. Making a website that will attract a large amount of traffic could be a time intensive and high-priced endeavor.

5. Software is also an important consideration as this is actually what “runs” the business. For network businesses, it is vital to obtain a combined program including capture pages or lead capture, and an Autoresponder.

Competition is fierce online, thousands of people are fighting to be successful alongside you and although a system will help enormously it definitely will not do all the work for you. Pick your M.L.M company punctiliously, take a long hard glance at the viability of its products and if you are assured, then the next thing you need to do is get a confirmed system in place and that is Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring.

By the way, Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring is not only for people in MLM, it's something every sales person should consider about.

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Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.