Building A Business And Living The Laptop Lifestyle

Living the laptop lifestyle

Living the laptop lifestyle is possible when you have a business that has no physical place you have to be. This means you can work at your business wherever you are.

There are several options to create such a business. For example:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Coaching through phone or Skype
  • Forex trading

What all three things have in common is, that you have to access some technology.

How I Living The Laptop Lifestyle

In my case, I build an internet marketing business. It’s affiliate marketing I’m in. This means I primarily sell other people’s products and get a commission.

In my case, it’s an ideal way to do business. Because things are automated until the last details. Primarily, I have to bring people to my different websites and attract people to click my links and buy the products I promote. And every time someone buys a product through my link, I get paid.

That does not mean I do not communicate with the people who visit my websites. I communicate with people through my blog posts like this one.

Email and social media are other ways to communicate with my customers or potential customers. I am now sending emails to people who signed up to my list more often. And at the same time, I also communicate more often on my social sites.

One thing you can do to build a relationship is to provide value. In the beginning, it can be difficult to provide value to people. It was difficult for me. And as I hear from other marketers, they had the same experience.

But as soon as you have more experience, you are more confident that the things you do and write have value for others.

To achieve this confidence, you need the persistence to break through. Unfortunately, most people give up before gaining the confidence you need for this kind of business.

Now, how am I living the laptop lifestyle? While I write this blog post, I’m on holiday in the Swiss Alps. During the day I’m going hiking together with my wife. When I return from our daily tour, I work on my business.

For me, it’s the way I love living the laptop lifestyle. The good thing is that with how I make money with my internet marketing business, I do not have to sell many products. The reason is I’m a member of the Launchyou. As an affiliate of this company, I can sell so-called high ticket products, that pay me real commissions.

When you want to learn more about living the laptop lifestyle with the Six Figure Mentors, just click here.

Bruno Buergi

6 thoughts on “Building A Business And Living The Laptop Lifestyle”

  1. I love the idea of living a laptop lifestyle. I suppose I already do to an extent as I use my laptop, but the furthest I've ventured so far is my back garden! The ultimate plan is to be able to live anywhere in the world and I love this idea! Thanks for all the great tips again. Andrea

  2. Hi Bruno,

    Like you, I am intrigued by living “the laptop lifestyle”. One because of the fact that you can basically go and do all of the things that you ever wanted, and two, because having a 9-5 just seems so boring to me!

    I am new and starting out, and I completely agree that in the beginning it is very hard to create any authority, so I have been able to just tell my story… What works, and what doesn’t work for me.

    Affiliate marketing does seem like a smart way to go, as like you described, all you need to do is drive traffic and get paid commissions for it!

    But I have also found there is a drawback to it also…Sometimes the commissions are quite small! Have you found this problem with Six Figure Mentors?

    All the best,
    Jeff Sollee

    1. Thanks Jeff, no with the Six Figure Mentors I don’t have this problem. Because I have in the back end high ticket products where I can earn huge commissions. With SFM you don’t have to make a lot of sales to make a living, compared to most other affiliate companies.

  3. Bruno – so interesting that my 1999 dream "Freedom Of Environment" now has a name as a lifestyle. I so well remember sitting in a network marketing presentation in Utah when the rage product was an internet-enabled phone we called the i-Phone and I dreamed how cool it would be to not be chained to an office job. The ultimate goal, though, for me is not to be connected to self-employment via some technology – rather to live the Freedom Lifestyle of passive income exceeding daily needs. It's a process and so cool to have you as a traveler on the journey.Thank You, Thank YOU, THANK YOU. prp

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