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The process of building backlinks is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. It’s a contributing factor in search engine results. These links show search engines that your content is beneficial. Therefore it’s an essential part of an online business to know some basics about link-building.

There’s no shortage of link-building strategies. When you search online, you’ll find tons of advice. But, these strategies aren’t always effective.

The major problem is that online marketers make link building too complicated. If you focus on too many different strategies, then you'll have trouble getting any of the strategies to pay off.


The Basic Steps Of Link-Building

You need to condense your efforts and focus on effective link-building techniques that work. The following five strategies should be used by every website owner who is interested in climbing search engine rankings.

The first step to gaining more inbound links is to make sure that you have quality content on your page. You need something for people to link to. They're not going to link to your product page, contact page, and landing pages.

You need content. The higher the quality of this content the better your chances of gaining inbound links. Create a schedule for releasing new blog posts, sharing links on social media, and waiting for the links to start pouring to your site.

Spread your link-building strategies out across your entire website. One of the criteria that search engines look at is the diversity of your links. This applies to the sources of your inbound links and the pages that they’re linking to.

You don’t have much control over the diversity of your sources, other than finding guest posting opportunities. But, you can diversify the pages that receive these links.

Don't link to the same pages. So, when you include a link while commenting on a forum or the content of your guest posts, don't link to your homepage, product page, or other top-level pages. Instead, link to blog posts and newly created pages.


Social Sharing Is Essential In Link-Building

The next step is to make sure that your website is easy to link to. Not everyone is tech-savvy. Some people don’t know how to share a link to a web page unless there are social media share buttons on the page.

Use social media share buttons to make it easy for people to share your content and link to your pages. These buttons can be added using code that you copy and paste into your pages. If you’re using a website builder, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a suitable plugin.

I recommend placing these share buttons either above or below your content. You want to make sure that people see these buttons.

Don't use only floating buttons, as they don't always work properly and in some cases, they may block some of your content. Instead, you just need to place them at the top of your page or the end of the content.


Guest Posting Is Very Powerful For Link-Building

The fourth technique for link building is to guest post. Find the top blogs in your industry and find out if they accept guest posts. You’ll be surprised by the number of sites that accept guest posts. It’s beneficial for both parties.

The website gets to release more content, without having to pay a writer, and you get to increase your exposure and gain more backlinks.

Before you submit a guest post, it’s important to read their guidelines. Each site will have different requirements for guest posts. This may include guidelines concerning the length of the article, the topic, the format, and other details.

If you follow their guidelines exactly as described, then you’ve got a better chance of them publishing your article.

The last step to building more backlinks is to get rid of bad links. Some of your links may be keeping you from climbing search engine rankings.

Use free online tools, such as Open Site Explorer, to search for questionable inbound links. You can contact the administrators of these sites and kindly ask them to remove any links to your site.


The Next Steps

Start implementing these link-building strategies. You need quality content. That’s the first step. You also need to spread your links across your entire site, use social media share buttons, and submit guest posts. And, remember to get rid of the bad links.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and learned some new techniques. When you want to learn more about how to thrive with your online business, then just click here, and you will receive a video series on how to make a great living online.


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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

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