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What is the Lifestyle of your Dreams

Often people speak about a better life and that they would love to have another Lifestyle as the one they have. But the question is “What is a better Lifestyle?” And who defines what a good Lifestyle is.

Get Clear about the Lifestyle of your Dreams

When you ask people what are your dreams than most people say they want to be healthy, be happy and rich. But this is too vague. To get the right lifestyle you have to be very clear about what it is and how you want to live. Here I have a little exercise you can do to get more clarity. Write on a piece of paper:

  • All things you want to do and have
  • All places you want to visit
  • The places you want to live
  • The people you want be with
  • What you want to do for a living
  • How much money you want to earn

So now I hope you have a huge list. Now go again through the list and ask yourself for every point you wrote down “Is this really what I want?” Take enough time for yourself when you go through the list.

When you finished, then write all things that you really want on a new piece of paper. Write everything you want on a separate line. Now you can add a date to each topic when you want to realize. Thereafter write all things you want to achieve within one year on a new piece of paper.

How to achieve my goals

I hope you have now more clarity about what you really want in your life and in the next 12 months. I’m sure there are some things that are easy to achieve. For these goals is it the best when you write them right now into your diary and reserve the time you need to realize them.

Then there are some goals that are not so easy to put them into practice. This happens often because you have not enough time or money or you want to do something different for a living.

How to get more time and money

One thing I recommend here is to learn to make money in the Internet. OK you maybe ask yourself now “what the heck has this to do with more money and time?” And on the first sight you are right. Because when you start to make money in the Internet you need more time and maybe spend more money. But here comes the clue. When you go to the right people, then you can learn it in a very short time and then you can earn extra money you need for your dream holidays or your dream car or whatever it is. And when you do it the right way it is possible to quit your job you hate.

This is one of my Lifestyle Dreams

The right people

When you search in the Internet about making money, then you find thousands of pages which want to persuade you to join them to make easy money. But I can tell you, mostly the owner of this pages makes money easy and not their customer. Personally can recommend two systems which work really god and where you learn to build up your business and not someone else business. These are the Six-Figure-Mentors and My Lead System Pro (MLSP). In both systems you learn everything is needed to be successful online.

So if you want to find out more click here for the Six-Figure-Mentors or here for MLSP.

To your future Lifestyle

Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

    8 replies to "Lifestyle of your Dreams"

    • Christine

      Bruno, what a great post. very professional with good ideas
      for writing down goals etc. Thank you

    • Valerie


      Thank you for these tips on clarifying your goals and making sure you allocate the time to work towards achieving them.

      As you say, once you find the right system to follow, you can quickly start to become successful online. 🙂

    • Lyla Stevenson

      Hey Bruno,
      Great article on going after achieving your goals, I think if we are honest, most people want to live a life with less stress, and with a system that works, this can be a reality.

    • Ian Lloyd

      Hi Bruno. A really good post and an important message. You reallyhave to understand why you are doing something if you are going to make a success of it.

      p.s. love the banner and the picture of the mountains!

    • Ken Somerville

      A great rule of thumb, It is always great to write down what you want out of life. That way you can work towards your dreams and make things come true.

      Your Friend in Marketing
      Ken Somerville

    • Carole and Ivan

      Great post and great advice, Bruno – thanks.

      Do as Bruno says. Get those goals written down, guys! That simple action means you are already more likely to achieve them.

    • Paul Ingram

      Yes most people will need more time and money to get their dreams. This can all be achieved but a focussed approach is required and of course the right training which you mention.

      Paul Ingram

    • candice michelle

      Health is wealth and without our health we’re not much good to anyone, including ourselves. Thank you for the great inspiration to do better with my health every day!

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