Create A Lead Magnet To Grow Your Email List Faster

Lead Magnet to Grow Your Email List

Collecting email addresses is one of the most important parts of growing an online business. Creating a lead magnet to grow your email list is a good way to provide value for exchanging an email address. But what is a lead magnet exactly, and how should it look like to work?

A lead magnet is simply a piece of information you give people when they sign up for your newsletter. Usually, you redirect them after that to a sales letter, where they can buy your product. 99% or more do not buy your product immediately after you capture their email address. But the good thing about a list is that you can send information about your products as long as they stay on your list.

How to Choose A Lead Magnet To Grow Your Email List

Simple study what your competitors are using as a lead magnet. So you get an idea of what is working to collect email addresses. But be aware that you don’t copy and paste what they offer. Take it as an example and create something similar and hopefully even better.

The format for a lead magnet is usually in these formats:

  • PDF, eBook, or downloadable guide
  • Video tutorial
  • Webinars
  • Discount rates or coupons

So, if you use digital items or services, your customers will expect digital offers. Though, downloadable content can be applied to nearly any market.

What medium you choose for the content is not so important. More importantly, you give real value to your lead magnet to grow your email list. Even more important is that your lead magnet is congruent to the landing page where people gave you their email addresses.

For example, on the landing page, you write a report on dieting. Then, your customers expect you to give some tips on your lead magnet that will help them lose weight. On the other hand, when you talk about dieting and on the landing page, you talk about how to gain muscles, then you can lose your potential customers. The client is looking for dieting advice and not for a training program.

What Is The Ideal Topic Of The Lead Magnet?

To find out what attracts people to sign up for your lead magnet, you have to do some research. One way is to do keyword research and find out what topic in the niche you are in is searched for most frequently. The other way is to go after the most actual topic people discuss in forums and social media in your niche.

Produce a Killer Title and Sub-title

When you have your offer, you want to provide your lead magnet to grow your email list, so you must create a great title for your offer. The title has to be specific to your offer.

The sub-title follows up on this pledge by informing visitors exactly what they\’ll discover on this page. Tell your visitors exactly what they will get for their email address.

The same applies to the content you provide with your lead magnet. Keep it simple and direct but provide more value than expected when people sign up for it the first time. The better the value you provide, the more attractive it is for people to stay on your email list.

A lead magnet to grow your email list is an invaluable tool that helps you grow your business.  If you would like more powerful marketing tips, then just click here.

Bruno Buergi