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To have a laptop lifestyle business gives you many options in life. One of my main reasons to build this business is to have more time for traveling as I do at the moment. Laptop lifestyle and traveling the world is the dream way of living for me.

I love it to explore new countries and learn about people and their cultures. You face many surprises and mostly they are positive. Of course there are sometimes things you thought will be different, like when the hotel writes on the homepage that you will have WiFi and when you are there it’s not working. But these things are only minor problems.


Accept The Differences

Laptop Lifestyle And Traveling
Taxi the Cape Verde Way

When you travel to foreign countries then accept that they have different ways of living. Don’t expect that everything works the same way at home. When they do, then it’s great. For example, being on time. In many countries, they have another relation to time as we have in central Europe or the US.

On the other hand, you often experience many positive aspects. Like very friendly people who always help you and show you the way when you are not sure where to go and so on. Mostly they love to help and are happy to do it.


Enjoy The Difference

When you travel, stop comparing everything with how it is at your home. Just enjoy the atmosphere and focus on the present moment. The more open you are, the more you expand your boundaries. The boundaries of how things should be. There is no right or wrong. Just enjoy the way things are.

The differences enrich your life and you get more relaxed. The more present you are the more fulfilled you come home.


The Laptop Lifestyle and Traveling Problems

When you start to live the Laptop Lifestyle and traveling around, you face from time to time the problem that you can’t do your work online. The fact is, that in some countries, like Cape Verde Islands, you do not have stable internet connections. And as an online business owner, that can be frustrating.

You can’t access the email, your homepage, and your social media accounts. Therefore is good to plan ahead. Especially in the area of social media and also in part of your homepage.

Nowadays, there are several tools that you can use to schedule posts on your profiles. So there is all the time fresh content on your profile. And when you have access online, then you can post things directly.

The same thing is with your homepage. When you are a blogger, you can also prepare some blog posts in advance and schedule them to publish. Of course, to reply within a short time to comments is not always possible.



Laptop Lifestyle And Traveling
On the top of the Pico de Antonia

The conclusion of the Laptop Lifestyle and Traveling

It’s a great way to live and explore the world. Traveling is fun, even when you face some difficulties on the way.

As I mentioned, be open and let things happen. Don’t let your mood suffer from a thing that does not work the way you are used to.


Bruno Buergi | Laptop Lifestyle System

Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

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