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Before you join a company to build your online business, you may ask what the benefits are. In this blog post, I will share some of the benefits when you join the Six Figure Mentors.


And believe me, there are huge benefits when you join the Six Figure Mentors.



The First Step When You Join The Six Figure Mentors.


First, you have to buy an application pack from the Six Figure Mentors. But what does this mean? When you buy the application, you create at the same time a student account, and your training begins on building an online business.


Within the process, you outline your first steps and get clarity with what you want to achieve with your business. At the same time, you have also a call with a business coach, who will help you to outline your next steps. You also get some videos to study.



What You Get As A Member When You Join The Six Figure Mentors


As a member, your real online business-building education begins. The Six Figure Mentors are a great education platform to build a long-lasting online business.


In the beginning, you go through the basic training, where you build the foundation of your new future. It’s very important, that you follow this training, otherwise, you will miss some important things that could harm your business in the long run. Also, you can join a special new member call with Jay Kubassek, where you get some additional information about the whole business and how to build the blueprint for your future.


Very often, people see a business opportunity and they want to make quick cash. But this lasts not for long. I can’t emphasize enough, you have to build a solid foundation for your business. You can do this at your own pace, but you have to be consistent to make your dreams true


Within the system, you get a lot of training and education. Be aware, that you should focus only on the basic steps when you join the Six Figure Mentors. Thereafter you can take the next step in education.


During the week, there are several live pieces of training. For example, every Monday morning is a coffee call, Tuesday evening there is a so-called cocktail call, and every Thursday evening is the master marketing webinar. All these life trainings are interactive, so you can ask questions and get the answers.


Once a month, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, the co-founders of the Six Figure Mentors, are holding the founder's call. In these calls, they talk about what’s going on behind the scene, what will be released soon, and so on. So you know all the time, what’s going on.


Stuart Ross, Jay Kubassek & Bruno Buergi
Stuart Ross, Jay Kubassek & Bruno Buergi


Hosting And Websites Are Included When You Join The Six Figure Mentors


When you join the Six Figure Mentors, you have also hosting included. You do not buy additional hosting. It’s all included.


Of course, you can create as many websites as you want. Besides creating a website, there are many cool themes included, so you do not have to buy any.


The Community You Will Enjoy When You Join The Six Figure Mentors


What I also like, is the community within the Six Figure Mentors. On the community page, you can interact with other members. There are several mastermind groups within the community you can join. The purpose of the community is, to help each other and share experiences. There are so many experienced members who enjoy it to help people to move forward. To share the latest tips and tricks. And this is really helpful.



At The Momentum Day in London
At The Momentum Day in London


From time to time, there will be a Momentum Day. This is a live event for one day. It costs a bit extra money, but it’s the opportunity to meet other members and the founders live. I was now several times at the  Momentum Day and it often ends late at night in the bar.



The Affiliate Options You Have When You Join The Six Figure Mentors


Besides getting training and education to build your long-lasting online business as an independent digital entrepreneur, you can also earn money with the Six Figure Mentors. For every member you bring in, you earn money. And because there are some high ticket products in the backend of the program, you have the possibility to earn up to $8’000 for one sale.


So you see, there are many benefits when you join the Six Figure Mentors. And this is only the foundation of the Six Figure Mentors. To take advantage of all these benefits, just click here, because it’s about your future.


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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

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    • Lisa Thompson

      Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your business and why you love being in Six Figure Mentors. Too often people just hype the opportunity. I love how you explain everything in a way that is non-pitchy. Great work!

      • Bruno Buergi

        I think, it’s important to show people what they get for their money and not just go out with a hype proclaiming the best business ever.

    • That’s a LOT of benefits listed Bruno. One we love is that all the training is up-to-date and what is working now. It’s so important to have frequent, live training sessions – as it’s too easy in this face paced world of the internet to lose touch with what’s working now.

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thanks Greg & Fiona for your comment. Yes, it’s so important to have up to date training. Especially with the internet where all the times things change.

    • Pete Harris

      Nice,concise and detailed post Bruno.

    • Andrea Wisden

      Hi Bruno. It sounds like a great group to belong to. I think it’s really important to get the right support around you, especially when you work from home on your own, where there’s a real danger of becoming really isolated and overwhelmed. It sounds like this group provides great support and mutual mentorship. Andrea

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thanks Andrea. Yes it’s really a great group to be in and it helps me to move forward with my business.

    • Hayley McKeever

      Great explanation of the SFM, Bruno!

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