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In today economy where so many things change so quickly it’s good to think of a new way of living. For me, the Internet Laptop Lifestyle is the way I’m looking for and implement more and more into my life. Here is my story about my journey in the Internet.


The old way of living


As most people I worked in a normal job. Went to work from Monday to Friday and mostly it was ok for me. But over time my dissatisfaction with all the rules and regulations on work increased. I started to look for other ways to earn money while I was still in my job. So I came across the MLM business. But as most people in the business, I had no success. I did all the things my upline told me. I went to the meetings, I made the phone calls and so on. But real success didn’t come.


Searching for reasons


After a while I started to study the successful people. What were they doing different compared to me? I realized that these people have all a strong personality. This was the reason I got into personal development. I realized that, when I want to have success I have to work on myself and my believes.


When preparation meets opportunity


During my journey through different personal development courses I came across Daniel Wagner from the Six-Figure-Mentors. He told me his story how he went from a Pizza delivery driver to an Internet Marketing Celebrity. His story fascinated me and my wife said to me “isn’t this exactly what you are looking for?” And she was right. This is the way I want to live. I want to work when I want and at the places I love to work and not when somebody says I have to work there and from this time to this time.

Joining the Six-Figure-Mentors – The Internet Laptop Lifestyle


So I decided to join the Six-Figure-Mentors. And with the help of them I got started my own Online Business. And what I realized is, without help it is very difficult to start a successful Online Business. But I’m lucky that I made the decision to join SFM and I implement one piece after the other into my business so that I can really start to live the Internet Laptop Lifestyle.


Internet Laptop Lifestyle | Working in the dessert

In the Sahara in Morocco


So you know now a bit of my story how I came to this business. I only can encourage you to click this Link and fill out the form and join also the Six-Figure-Mentors, so that you too can build up your own business an enjoy the Internet Laptop Lifestyle.


Digital Entrepreneur Bruno Buergi



Bruno Buergi | Earn Money Online | Laptop Lifestyle System

Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

    12 replies to "Internet Laptop Lifestyle – A New Way Of Living"

    • Valerie

      Bruno, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

      You’re so right about following successful people if you want to be successful yourself. And it’s great that your wife supports you in your venture on the internet.

      To your continued success!

    • Ken Somerville

      Great post Bruno. I really loved the pictures, they add a flare to the whole thing.

      We all search for that dream of freedom, and the life of not having to worry about the 9 to 5 and how to pay all the bills. I can see that you are well on your way to that life style.

      Your Friend In Marketing Ken Somerville

    • Carole and Ivan

      Great post, Bruno – and thanks for the insight into what got you started in your online business. We look forward to hearing more about your ‘quest for freedom’ – it’s what we’re all searching for 🙂

    • Olivia Fenion

      Lovely post Bruno, I agree that it is hard to do something without expert guidance and it’s all about having the right mentor. 🙂
      Olivia xx

    • Susan Beesley

      Loved your post about your lifestyle Bruno and that picture of the mountains covered in snow ….. just want to be there. Just hearing what working online means to you reinforces why we do what we do and love helping others to get started and have the same opportunity Susan

    • Ian Lloyd

      Hry Bruno, what a great post and truly inspiring. I’m also aiming for the internet laptop lifestyle and can’t wait to distribute my photos … although I think I’ll go for a swimming pool rather than a sand dune 🙂

      Best regards … Ian

    • Lil Somerville

      Bruno, what an interesting post, you have given us a glimpse into your life and your goals. I can tell by your passion that you will no doubt reach your goals. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Lil

    • Karla

      Hi Bruno, Great post. We should do all do sometihng we believe in. Life is to short to settle for less.

    • Mark Ford

      Hello Bruno
      Thank you for sharing with us your journey so far and about what led you into developing an internet laptop lifestyle. Very interesting and so nice to se the comment from your wife.
      I agree that when you do MLM ‘the old’ way that it doesn’t work for everyone. You are making calls to people who never asked you to call in the first place and the internet and attraction marketing changes all that.
      Look forward to reading more.

    • lewys davies

      great post and it is great to see your journey and share your experiances many people will be able to relate to this

      keep up the great work


    • Paul Ingram

      Great post Bruno, As you say a slight shift in mindset and the right support is all is needed to start an online business. Love the pictures 🙂

      Paul Ingram

    • David Huntley

      Hi Bruno,
      Great story and if you follow what other successful people do then you will become successful you just have to persevere. You have joined the SFM so you now have a successful mentor to guide you.


      David Huntley

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