Increasing Twitter Followers
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Increasing Twitter Followers is one of the social media strategies you can use for your business.

Twitter doesn't have as many users as Facebook. But, it's still a great marketing channel for connecting with customers and increasing your market base. You can target a large group of people with similar interests to your existing clients.

The problem is that you need to have a large follower base for your business Twitter account to help improve your sales and brand awareness.


The Fast Way To Increasing Twitter Followers

If you want to build followers for your business account on Twitter quickly, you don't need to spend a lot of money on marketing. Just use the following 6 steps to increase your business Twitter followers dramatically.

Step one is to start sending out tweets on a regular basis. You need to stay consistent and tweet several times per day. At least, you should tweet regularly during the workweek. Posting regularly increases follower engagement.

If you need help remembering to send out your tweets, you can use software to automate the process. Take advantage of programs, such as Buffer, that allow you to schedule tweets and social media posts. This way, you can plan your tweets ahead of time.

You can spend about ten to fifteen minutes in the morning preparing all your tweets for the day.


What To Tweet To Increasing Twitter Followers

The second step is to tweet inspirational quotes. This keeps you from running out of things to tweet. After spending a few minutes finding content to share on Twitter, look for quotes related to your industry or quotes that promote positivity. People will find these tweets refreshing.

This provides two benefits – you may pick up some random new followers, and it helps you consistently send out new tweets.

Another thing you can share is related articles in your niche. Just subscribe to several

blogs close to your niche and share some good posts. Sharing good content helps you to gain authority in your niche.


Follow Your Follower

The third step is to start following people that follow your followers. Very often, these people will share similar interests and enjoy your content. At the same time, you could also follow people that your followers follow. There are some programs out there that automate the process of following your followers.

The fourth step is to set a goal of following a certain number of new people each day. For example, for the next month, you could follow ten new people each day. Use the previous tip and follow people with similar interests.

By the end of the month, assuming you’re only working on weekdays, you will have followed 200 new people. At least half of these people will likely follow you back.


Increasing Twitter Followers | by Bruno Buergi



Socialize To Increasing Twitter Followers

The fifth step is to join a Twitter chat. Find some active hashtags where a lot is going on. Join in on the conversation and share an opinion about the topic. Steer away from controversial topics, like politics or religion. Instead, focus on topics that are humorous or helpful.

Just respond to existing tweets or start tweeting about the hashtag. For popular hashtags, you will gain soon responses.

The sixth and final step is to engage your followers actively. Ask questions often. You can simply end your tweets in the form of a question. This will motivate followers to interact, which can attract brand new followers.


Some Rules To Follow

As a suggestion, make sure you’re careful with how you respond to customers. Never fall into the trap of responding to negativity with negativity. Always maintain a professional tone. People love to work with professional business people.

Social media provides a great landscape for attracting new clients and interacting with your existing customers. If you feel that your efforts to promote your business through Twitter are not providing the results that you’d like, then use these 6 steps for increasing your followers.

Never forget, Twitter is a social platform. Therefore interact with your followers, and as a side effect, you will see easy it is to increasing Twitter followers.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson about increasing Twitter followers. When you want to learn more about how to build a successful online business, then just click here to receive a video series on how to start a business you love.


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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

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