Importance of Focus
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When you want to build a business, you have to learn about the importance of focus. Focus is a real key to success. The better you focus on the work you have to do, the better.


What do I mean when I talk about the importance of focus? It’s very simple, focus on the work you have to do to achieve the results you want.


The Importance Of Focus In Relation To The Distraction


I’m sure you made already the experience that you wanted to do something but then you were distracted by someone else or something else. It’s so easy to get distracted and especially when surfing around on social media.


What can you do to stay on track and make progress with your business? Here I give you some tips how you can handle this:


Start to make a plan. One of the best things you can do is to make a plan for what you want to achieve in three months. Write it down what your goal is you want to accomplish within the next three months.


Now you know what the outcome should be. The next step is to set a goal for the first month. Break your 3-month goal down in three parts and decide what you have to do the first month to stay on track.


And the same you do with the first week. Take the monthly goal and break it down to the one-week goal. And the journey goes further to the daily goal.

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The Importance Of Focus

Here is an example to do this:

My 3-month goal is to have 20,000 unique visitors on my blog each month. To achieve this, I have to do guest blogging on at least five blogs that have more credibility than I have. It's not enough to blog only on your page. So now you see my 3-month goal.


To break it down to the monthly goal I have to do the following steps. When I want to write guest blogs on more influential blogs, I need a record of the good blog posts on my page. So for the first month, I have to write at least three to five high-quality blog posts each week to prove that I provide worthy content. Besides that, I have to get in contact with good bloggers and start to comment on the blog post of these bloggers on a regular basis. In this way, they start to notice me.


When you comment on important blogs in your niche, you have to make sure you write a good comment that is related to the topic of the post and that the owner of the blog recognizes that you care about him and his messages.


Importance of focus with goalsNow it comes to my first-week tasks. The goal of the first week will be that write three quality blog posts. I do my research about the topic and then I write about it. And when you want that you stand out of the crowd, then you know that your blog post should be much more than only 300 words. An average of 700 plus is more recommended in this case.


Another thing to do in the first week is to decide which bloggers to follow in your niche and to start commenting on their blog. For example, you can check the page rank they have, the alexa ranking and how many people comment on the blog, and if the owner of the blog really cares about the people who comment. An example is Quicksprout. When you check the blog from Neil Patel, you see that the content he provides is of high quality, he gets a lot of traffic and also he responds to many of the comments.


The next task you have to do is the first-day task. In my case, I have to decide about what topic I want to cover for the first week's blog posts. I do my research and prepare everything so that I can start with writing my blog posts. Besides the topic, I also have to decide about the layout of the blog, what pictures I will include in the posts and what references I will recommend related to the blog post.


Now you have an example of how to do this. It’s only one example but one that works. A good thing would also be when you have an accountability partner with whom you can exchange your goals and help each other to stay on track. I do this with my mentor. He looks that I stay on track and remind me about the things I have to do to achieve my goals.



Set A Time Frame For Your Work


One thing you can also do is to set a time frame for your work. For example that you work at a certain time of the day on the things you have to do and you close all social media sites and email. Or you can set a timer and work for example 90 minutes on a task. Thereafter you can check for 10 minutes something else and have a coffee or anything else and then again 90 minutes working on your business.


When you do these things, you will realize that you are much more productive and move faster toward your goals. I hope you see now the importance of focus when you want to build a business. Don't let yourself stop and be distracted from all other things. Go for the important stuff, and when there is time left, then you can check FB, Twitter, and any other social media and email.


When you want to learn more about productivity and building your online business, then just join me at the and join my team. I want to see you move forward and achieve your dream life.


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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

    10 replies to "The Importance Of Focus When You Start A Business"

    • Joan Harrington

      Hi Bruno,

      Excellent post! 100% agree Focus is key to success:) Thank you for sharing!

      • Bruno Buergi

        Focus is key when you want to achieve big things.

    • Merle Gibbins

      Great advice Bruno. Hope you are enjoying your holiday ! I am having trouble still trying to share on G+ – I can’t get the box to show the share button. Will have to try in another browser and see if that works !! Thanks for sharing and agree you definitely have to plan and set your goals. Unfortunately I am very distracted at the moment with my husband being terminally ill but still trying to do my best for now.

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thanks Merle, yes I enjoy my holiday. I don’t know why the G+ share button is sometimes so slow in showing up correctly.

    • Jacs Henderson

      That was excellent Bruno … having that focus is a must… and you really showed how to do it by sharing your plan of action. And also the details, like research for content and images.
      Everything can be broken down into bite sized chunks to be worked through and create the action needed to reach your goal.
      And you will 🙂

      • Bruno Buergi

        Having a plan and check it from time to time if you still on track is a great help to move forward.

    • donna merrill

      Hi Bruno,

      You have successfully mapped out a plan of focus! I too, like to break things down in chunks.

      Setting time limits is a must do! Otherwise we roll into one thing or another and loose focus.

      It is a cleaver idea to make a plan for the next three months. Some do it for the next year and loose sight of the plan. A three month plan is doable.

      Social media can eat up time. Therefore, I like to plan ahead with my Facebook Page by scheduling three to four posts per day. It only takes me about 45 minutes to do on a Sunday evening to have the posts ready because I’m active on that page.

      As for my blog posts, I always have two in my back office ready to go, just in case I catch a cold, or something in life happens.

      Now, that I have more on my pate than just my blog, marketing supersedes my blogging. I need to make time for that as my first priority.

      The funny thing is, when you stick to a plan time wise, you end up having more free time to enjoy the life we strive for as internet marketers.



      • Bruno Buergi

        Thank you Donna for stepping by. Yes social media is a time eater. The one thing I have to improve is to plan my social media activities ahead. You are doing it the right way with planning it on Sunday for why whole week.

    • Amiti

      Hi Bruno,

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Focus is what keeps motivation running. Focus is, as you said, a means for staying away from distractions. Focus is what helps set goals – like yours and then deliver o that goal.

      I’m guessing you will reach your goal!

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thank you Amiti for your comment. I’m on track towards my goals and hopefully you too.

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