How To Do Marketing With A Shoestring Budget
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How to do marketing when your wallet is empty? Well, it's a challenging thing, and you have to be persistent when you want to see results and a well-filled wallet.


You may have seen some posts on Facebook and other social media sites where people proclaim they made xy amount of sales within 24 hours. Don't let yourself distract from such messages if you don't have money for advertising. The truth is, there are two major ways to accomplice this. First, they have already a huge list and sent an email to their list. Second, they spent a lot of money on advertising.


To make big money online is easy when you have big money.


The reality is that most people who start an online business do have not much money for advertising. Very often they start an online business because of the lack of money and they want to get some additional money to pay the bills.


Action Steps About How To Do Marketing.


Nowadays, people hang out on social media. So as a marketer you have to go where your potential customers are. If it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or any other social media platform.


Here is an example of how to do marketing on Facebook with no money. First of all, create a fan page and invite your friends to get some likes on it. Start posting some inspirational things on your fan page timeline as well some real good information around the topic of your business.


The key is to give value. don’t think about making sales when you start with your fan page. When out have a couple of things on your page and some likes, then like other FB pages from influential people in your industry. Visit their site and comment on their posts.


How To Do Marketing With A Shoestring Budget
How To Do Marketing With A Shoestring Budget On Social Media


One tip I can give you here is, to write real good comments on the topic of the post. Do not write only things like „great post”, „ I agree „ and all these sorts of comments. When other people see your comment, they start to think, this person knows what he is talking about.


When you do this on a regular basis, people will see your messages, including the page owner, and they will probably come over to your site. And when they like what they see, they will often come to your fan page.


Another thing you can do is to join groups of like-minded people. For example, I'm indifferent groups where we share our blog post and comment on each other's post and share it on social media. In this way, you get social proof, and at the same time, more people will see your blog post. And here is it also important that you give more than you expect to get back. Be of service to others, and you will attract even more people and you will gain authority in your niche.


Besides joining other groups, you can start your own group. The advantage of your own group is that you define the rules for the group. The good thing is when you have your own group is that you can have pinned messages. So when people write something in the group they see your message.


These steps work on most social media sites. What you have to keep in mind, they are social media sites and not hard selling sites. Be social and provide value. The more value you give, the more influence you will gain on the different social media sites. This is called „Attraction Marketing“. When you are a master of attraction marketing, people will buy from you because they like and trust you.


With these tips about how to do marketing with a shoestring budget, you have a guide to starting marketing with no money. But be aware that it takes time and persistence to get the results you wish. It's a strategy that works well when you commit to it.


Just let me know what your thought are about it.


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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

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    • Rebecca Weber

      Bruno – great information in this post. The content is applicable to many just starting out with online marketing but should probably also be implemented by experienced marketers. Very good starting point here for a newbie online. Thanks for sharing!

    • Andrea Ansari

      That's how it's done, Bruno! Thanks for this post! I'm a great support of this marketing strategy myself. It works…

    • Agnes Bogardi

      Great Post 😉

    • Joan Harrington

      Excellent tips Bruno! Such value you packed in so anyone can understand 🙂 Thank you for sharing your expertise!

    • Sunday William

      Hi Bruno,
      I agree with you that most people that are making money online today did not have money to start.

      This is inspiring and can still work even though the industry has become more competitive.

      There is hope to do marketing with a shoestring budget. Thankfully, you have described an important we can take to make this happen.

      Value creation and consistent networking are very important to gain traction with online marketing at low cost!

      I left this comment in where I found this post.

    • Dennis Seymour

      Great tips Bruno, especially about joining groups. It’s vital for both your marketing and learning process when starting off with a limited budget.

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thank you Dennis for stepping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

    • Gil Balfas

      Love your posts. So positive and up to date. I am almost looking forward to them…

    • Margot Lloren

      Bruno, thank you for sharing this. It is an eye opener for me.

    • Qoyyuum

      If a shoestring budget means $5, I believe you could order a gig on fiverr and then have them do the marketing for you. I have learnt that if you can pay others to do it for you while you can use that extra time for yourself to create more epic content for your blog, there would be a dynamic of content marketing. Thanks to Tim Ferris for giving me that idea in his book, 4-Hour Work Week.

      • Bruno Buergi

        You can do definitely gigs on fiverr. But you have to be careful what sort of gigs you order. Some of them are out of date and will hurt your business.

        • Qoyyuum

          I agree. But recently, Fiverr is really pushing the sellers to update their gigs (including mine) to make sure that the marketplace is filled with quality sellers. So those buying traffic is as simple as the seller posting a link on their own social network or private classified ad and boost more traffic to your blog. It’s not bad. Actually, would be a whole lot better than if I did the digital marketing myself.

    • Lenyasjia Shaw

      Thanks for this blog post Bruno. You privided some very helpful and key tips to the rookie. My favorite part if the article was to add value and remain persistent. Great advice here .

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