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“Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with it.” Jack Brown

What has happiness to do with problems and success. From my point of view they are very close related to each other. I often hear people saying, when I have achieved this and that then I will be happy. But is this the right way? Do you really have to achieve something to be happy? I think not.

I am a big fan of Wayne Dyer. He always says in his lectures and book, be happy whatever the circumstance are, because when you are happy anyway you are much closer to the solution.

In life we all have to deal with problems. I realized that often when I have to deal with a problem then I get angry or frustrated or any other negative emotion. Do I find the solution in this state easily? No, I often work for a long time to solve the problem and I don’t get ahead.

The way to happiness

When I find a way to be happy while I face a difficult situation, then I usually can deal better with it and the solution comes often automatically. This is something I discovered when I studied successful people. They also have to face a lot of problems when not even more. But what the differences are between them and most people, they choose to be happy anyway and therefore find the solutions to their problems faster than most of us. And this is one of the secrets to have success in life.

So how can you find the way to happiness and success? One thing you can do when you face some difficulties is, take a deep breathe and think of something that make you happy. This could be when you think about your spouse, your kids, the last party with your friends or whatever. Remember the time, what did you felt at that time. Maybe a picture comes into your mind and you may have a certain feeling attached to this moment. Dive really into this situation and maybe a smile comes to your face.

When you are now in this positive state, then it is the time to face the problem you have to solve, I’m sure when you do this in the future you will see, how faster you can solve the difficult situations much better and you will see that you will be even happier with this technique.

Now what I want you to do now, take a deep breath. And now think of a time you felt happy and do it right the way I described it above. But do it right now, so that you feel happier right in the moment. You will see how better the day will be but do it right now.

Enjoy the day.

Bruno Buergi


Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

    2 replies to "Happiness is not the Absence of Problems."

    • deanne sotero

      You are totally right Bruno! Happiness can only be achieved once you surpass all your trials in life. Well, this is reality and every individual has to overcome their trials in life in order to be happy as a result. 🙂 Thanks again Bruno. 🙂

      • Bruno Buergi

        Hi Deanne, we all have challenges in our life. The key is how we cope with them.

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