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How can you get into the Hall of Fame? What is it and what has it to do with me? We often hear about the hall of fame in the area of sport or music where the best of the best in the certain area were honored for their achievements.


Yesterday I watched the Voice of the UK. It was the final. In one part the candidates had to sing a song together with their coach. One song inspired me to write this post. It was the song “Hall Of Fame” performed by Andrea Begley together with her coach Danny O'Donoghue, frontman from the Irish band The Script.


Standing In The Hall Of Fame

The song by the band The Script with Danny O'Donoghue. They produced the single together with The Black Eyed Peas founding member will.i.am.

The song is about never giving up and reaching your goals. You only have to believe that you can achieve it.


Standing in the hall of fame

And the world's gonna know your name

Cause you burn with the brightest flame

And the world's gonna know your name

And you'll be on the wall of the hall of fame


Abstract from the song “Hall of Fame”




Overcome Obstacles To Join The Hall Of Fame

Whatever you want to achieve, you can achieve it. It's not easy to achieve ambitious goals like joining the hall of fame in the area online business. But you can. Many others have achieved it and are now in it in their area.


What makes the difference between the one in it and the average guy? One important thing is that the champions really burn with the brightest flame in their heart. They have such a high burning desire to achieve their dreams nothing can stop them. That's the commitment in the highest form. When you have such a burning desire you will find a solution to every problem you face on the way.



Are you Committed To Be Part Of The Hall Of Fame

I ask you know: are you really committed to going the way necessary to achieve your wildest dreams? Or do you dream only of it? I can say you, it's not easy to commit and go your way without excuses. There are many things on the way where you will be tested and often it seems to give up is the best way.


When you stand at such a cornerstone just remember the people who are in the “Hall of Fame” in your area. They all had to go through difficult experiences and had to overcome things they thought they can't. don't let yourself stop from obstacles. Go for your dreams and make the unrealistic goal possible. Even when you do not reach your goal you will achieve much more in your life than you would with only dreaming.




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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

    14 replies to "How To Get In The Hall Of Fame?"

    • Clint Butler

      I believe that its a good and noble goal to want to be considered in the top of your industry. I know that I would to be recognized as an expert in mine. But a lot of people fail to that all important step after setting that goal. They forget to take action, without that action, your just another dreamer.

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thank you Clint for the comment. You’re right, action is important and it works best with the right intention and the burning desire.

    • John Barton

      Hi Bruno
      Your blog was so topical and I loved the theme of Hall of Fame. I recorded The Voice and have not seen it yet so please forgive me for a ” one eyed view” on that part!

      Yes we all want to be there in Gavin Mountford’s Hall of Fame!

      An entertaining post and many thanks. Regards John

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thank you John. See you in the hall of fame of the networking superstars.

    • Babis Gakis

      Very inspirational Bruno! Nice one – love the song. Great message. 🙂

    • Princess Shimari

      Hi Bruno,
      Firstly, thanks so much for stopping by my website.
      This was truly an inspirational piece. I noted Jennifer Lopez over the weekend, accepting her star on the Hollywood walk of fame, and she very sincerely said, that she never wanted fame or fortune, she just wanted to be able to do what gave her happiness. Performing with the talents she has.(something to that effect)
      I may not make it to any hell of fame, but I hope to touch a few people as I enjoy my passions for writing and health and wellness.
      I really enjoyed reading your article.

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thank you Princess. I think most people in any hall of fame are not there because they wanted to be famous. I think they are there because they really love what they are doing and give everything they have to give.

    • Wayne Gillies

      Great song Bruno…

      Obstacles in life are necessary, without them we have not truly leant.


    • Paudie Callaghan

      Excellent post Bruno and Inspirational I also love that song as well and I certainly wanna stand in the Hall Of Fame, Keep up the good work my friend 😉

      To Your Success
      Paudie 😉

    • AnaGoncalves

      Dear Bruno,
      Thank you for a wonderful article and so very affirming at this part of my journey. Like you I believe that every experience brings one closer to who they are and what they need to do next and that it is a preparation in itself and a learning experience. The more I open up to who I am, I step closer to my desires and my potential and I chose to move in new ways that move me closer to serve in a wider capacity.
      Thank you so much for an insightful and powerful post.

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