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Don’t Judge Yourself

The human race has the habit of comparing each other. This can be a good or a bad thing. But mostly it’s a bad thing because people put themselves down when they compare each other.

Very often people see the results of others who operate in the same sport or business. Then they see, that the other person has the better results. And then what happens? The thoughts start to spinning around in the mind. Thoughts come up like:

  • Why is the other person better than I am.
  • I’m not good enough.
  • What do I wrong?
  • Why always me?

Why does this happen?

In our society we are forced to be better than the others. It starts as a baby. The parents compare their child with other children in the same age. In school we compare our marks with each other and this goes on our entire life. But the thing is, it gives only one number one. Only one can be the best in a certain area. Are the others all losers because they are not the number one? Definitely not. They are only not as good as this one person, but they are in other areas better. We judge ourselves as a looser because we are in a certain area not at the top. We put so much weight on a single task and make our life miserable.

Positive aspects of comparing

There are of course also positive aspects. When you see that someone is better in a certain area you can think about what you can do to get the same results. For example, someone is in sales and he sees that his college gets the better results when he goes to customers. Then you maybe ask him what he does different from you and starting to apply this things into your practice when you go to customers. Or you think, this is not my style to deal with customers and you search for other ways to get better results.

Another positive thing is, you see someone doing something or achieving something and from observing this you are inspired for new ideas. But this is more the role of an observer than a comparator.

Some tips to implement in your life

To see yourself as a looser has often to do with low self-esteem. Here I have an exercise to increase your self-esteem:

Take every day 5 – 10 minutes for yourself. Take a notebook and write down five things you did well during the day (or the last 24 hour). When you do this on a daily basis, over time you have a book of positive aspects. Then you can anytime you wish read in your notebook about things you did well. Over time doing this exercise you are more focused about the things you are good at and you compare yourself much less with other people.

Bruno Buergi

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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

    2 replies to "The Habit of Judging Yourself"

    • alex mackay

      Hi Bruno. Congratulations on your English and your post. I think your method of putting on paper 5 positive comments is an excellent idea. Everyone should do it every day! Thanks
      Alexander Mackay

    • Ken Somerville

      A great post. To many people look at themselves and think that they are not good enough. But I say this, you are the best person for who you are.

      There a people that can pull a bus with there teeth, but I do not look at them as being better then me. Even though they may be stronger, in that one area.

      We are all special in are own way, and that is what we need to look at, and not look at others, as being any better or worse then us.

      Your Friend In Internet Marketing
      Ken Somerville

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