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How To Get Blog Readers And Gain Attraction For Your Business

To get blog readers is probably the hardest thing when you start with your blog. And this can be very frustrating when you start. You put a lot of effort in writing your blog, created a nice layout, and nobody is reading it.

Here I want to share with you some ways to get blog readers on a regular basis. And the more readers you have, the more sales you will make.

To measure your efforts to get blog readers, you have to make sure that you implement Google Analytics to your blog.

5 Tips To Get Blog Readers

Social Media

When you wrote your blog post, you should always share your content on social media. Especially in the most popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Mix.

But what you have to keep in mind, that in the social media is it not only about sharing your links to your blog. Don’t forget to interact with people there. When you interact with other people, you also get a better ranking, especially on Facebook. In this way, more people will see your updates and also see that you have a blog.

Joining Groups

What helped me a lot to get blog readers was to join groups of bloggers. I’m involved within several groups on Facebook. In these groups, I share my content, and other people share it on social media and comment on my blog. Of course, you have to do the same for others. The more you share and comment, the more will come back to you. This helps you to get social proof when other people comment on your blog.

Sign Up To Blog Networks

There are many blog networks out there that help you to get exposure. For example, you can join Networkedblogs or Kingged. Especially in the Kingged network, I have seen good result in getting blog readers.

Here are similar rules like in the groups in the social media. You have to be active and help other people to get their content out. And when you do that, others will do the same for you.

Advertise Your Content

Besides doing the free stuff, you can also advertise your blog post. Especially in Facebook, when you share your blog on your fan page you can boost your post. The good thing with advertising on Facebook, you can narrow down to whom you advertise your blog post.

The best way to start with advertising your blog is to start slow at a low budget. For example, you can boost your post for one day for $5. So you get your first results, and you see how well it works. Thereafter you can go higher with your investment in the advertisement when it works for you.

Search Engine Optimization

When you blog on keywords that get traffic, you can get blog readers who are interested in your topic. The good thing about this traffic is that these people are more likely to buy the products or service you offer.

The disadvantage of SEO is that you have to find keywords that get enough traffic and to get ranked on the search engine. To get this traffic, you have to learn some SEO stuff and also to implement some tools to get ranked well on Google. But when you rank for your keywords, you get good traffic.

Conclusion About To Get Blog Readers

You know now several ways to drive traffic to your blog. One tip I can give you here is, that when someone comments on your blog and share your content, that you respond to them. This builds a bond and people honor that and will come back to you.

What you also have to know, you have to be constant in your blogging activities. Only then you get the desired outcome, and you get blog readers on a regular basis.

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