Foundation Of List Building To Build A Successful Business

List building is probably one of the most important parts when earning money online. But what is list building exactly and how to profit from the list-building? Here, you learn the foundation of list building.

You have to implement several parts before you start to be effective with list building. Here is the foundation of list building:

  • Find a profitable niche
  • Create a free offer
  • Have a profitable product in the back end
  • Create a landing page
  • Get an autoresponder
  • Advertise your free offer

Foundation Of List Building Start With Your Niche

You set the foundation of list building by choosing the right niche. You may have already heard; go with what you are passionate about. To make money, you must look at a niche where buyers are. It does not help when you are passionate about it, but nobody is there to buy something from you.

An easy test you can do is to put the main keyword in your niche into Google. When you see some advertising, you know people spend money in this niche. When nobody places ads for this keyword and the search results show a low number then you know that this niche will be hard to make money.

In addition, you can do some research in the Google Keyword Planner. Lockout for at least 3000 searches per month, and the competition is low. You should not go after the heavy keywords at the beginning of your online career. Usually, you do not have the knowledge and tools to compete with the heavy hitters.

Create A Free Offer For Your Foundation Of List Building

When building the foundation of list building, you must consider what free offer you can create. A free offer could be video training, a free report, a PowerPoint presentation, a free sample, or whatever you can think about. People are more willing to give you their email address when they get something for free.

One thing I have to emphasize here is, it must be of real value for people. Put some work into your free offer. The more value you give, the more people will estimate it and start to trust you.

Have A Profitable Product In The Back End

You can have the best free offer in the world, but when you don’t have a profitable product in the back end, you can offer your list to buy, but you don’t make money. Imagine you have a high street shop and give people on the street something for free. And when they come into your shop, the room is empty. Nothing to buy. You would expect that when you go into the shop, there is something to buy, which should be in your business. You need something to sell to people.

When creating a product or selling an affiliate product, make enough profit with it because you need this money to finance your whole business. And it’s not only the website and hosting you have to pay. You also have to think about advertising costs.

For The Foundation Of List Building, You Need A Landing Page

A landing page, or squeeze page, is a simple website where you present your free offer and where a field is, where people can enter their email address. There are several tools out there to create landing pages.

Another great tool is when you have a theme like Optimize Press. It’s a responsive theme and most marketers you it. The good thing with Optimize Press is that it’s specially designed to create landing pages besides creating a good-looking website.

Important for a landing page is that you have all the important information and the email opt-in form high on the page. So that people do not have to scroll down to see what’s about and to enter their email address. Because, often people do not scroll down and when you have the email form below, the chance is, that they do not opt-in to your list.


You need a solid, professional autoresponder to capture email addresses to build your list-building foundation. One of the best ones is Aweber. They are now a long time in the business, and Awebers‘ deliverability has a success rate at actually getting your emails delivered to your subscriber’s inbox.

I really can’t stress highly enough about the importance of having a secure autoresponder for capturing and storing your subscribers’ names and emails. These email addresses are the foundation of your business. It’s the real vein of gold for you. With this list, you can build a relationship with your subscribers and build trust. You know, people buy from people they trust.

Creating a relationship with your list is another topic, and it would be too much here to go into this in detail. But you must be clear; your list is where you make your money.

Advertise Your Free Offer

To Build the foundation of list building, you have to advertise your free offer. People don’t come by accident to your landing page. You must be active to get people to opt into your list.

There are many ways you can advertise. Free methods are for example to place the link to your offer in the forums, Facebook, or any free community. Be aware that when you spam your link on all these places, you can get banned from the forums or lose your Facebook account. You must learn to be clever in advertising, especially when using free advertising.

For paid advertising, you can also use different tools. I use Facebook, CPC, and list builder communities like Viral Url. You can have a free account in a list builder like Viral Url, but it’s much better and more effective when you have a paid account.

What you must know about advertising is that there is a learning curve. Not every campaign is successful. Even when you are an experienced marketer, not every campaign is guaranteed to work. And at the beginning of your career, it can be a bit frustrating, because it can happen, that you don’t see any result immediately.

Now you know about the foundation of list building. If you want to learn more about and build a solid business foundation, join me in our community. There is a place to get the best education to build a long-lasting, successful online business. Click here because it’s about your future.

Bruno Buergi

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  1. Yet again, a valuable information-packed post. I have just started to build my list, and was lucky enough to be invited to take part in a group free giveaway. For me this was really worthwhile. Someone else did all the hard work and marketing, and I just had to get my URL page with my free gift sorted. So, it forced me to get something sorted that I kept meaning to do — organise a free gift and opt-in page and email — and I got 40+ new subscribers. Now I’ve read your post, I can start to build on this. Thank you!

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