Feed Your Mind With The Right Thoughts For Success

Feed your Mind

Feed your mind with positive thoughts, and it will help you to achieve what you want. On the other side, feed your mind with negative thoughts, and you do not have to wonder when you always are facing the crap in your life.

You may have heard it several times:

„What you think most of your time is what you get, most of the time.“

Feed Your Mind With The Right Words

The language you have, and especially what you say to yourself, builds your reputation. And it influences what kind of people you attract in your life.

When you are not happy with the situation you are in, then think about how and what you speak. It\’s the first step to making changes. When you realize what you say regularly, then you can make changes. It\’s not so easy to make the changes you wish, but you can do it.

You need to know that with your speaking, especially with self-talk, you program your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is responsible for most of the actions you take or do not take. Most of our life is running on autopilot.

There are ways how you can change your program. It starts with what you expose yourself. What conversations do you have? What TV program are you watching? When you meet with friends, do you talk more about problems and blame others? These all influence your mind program.

3 Words that can change your life forever Brian Tracy

When you watch more educational things on TV or have empowering discussions with your friends, your mind starts thinking of more options and gets creative. And there is the place where magic can happen. When you are positive, you tap into your full potential. And I think that\’s what you want. It’s that state where things start to work for you, and everything you do seems effortless.

How To Feed Your Mind

Feeding your mind the fastest way with positive, powerful, inspiring information is relatively easy nowadays. I say this because today, there is so much information out there on how to influence your subconscious mind to help you achieve the goals you desire.

Here are several methods you can apply so that you can overwrite your program to affect your life in a positive.

  • You can write down a list of what you are grateful for every day
  • You can create affirmations that you speak out loud twice a day
  • Read books about personal development
  • Watch videos like the one above from Brian Tracy.
  • Use programs like paraliminals.

The question is: how can you integrate it into your daily life?

Most importantly, you can integrate the one technique you choose to feed your mind into your daily life. You can have the best brook or program on your bookshelves, but it will not benefit you unless you use it daily. And this is a significant challenge.

You have to think about how you implement it. For example, if you want to read 30 minutes a day inspirational books, set a fixed time in your agenda to do it. Look at this as one of the most important appointments in your life. Stick on it.

When you apply this in your daily life, change can happen fast, and you will be surprised about what life offers you.

One thing I use regularly is paraliminals. The good thing about paraliminal is that you can do it when you are in a relaxed state. For example, you can do it when you are back home from your job, and you feel you should relax, put on the program, feed your mind with the right things to achieve your dreams, and at the same time recover from the stress you have at work.

Bruno Buergi

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  1. Bruno, it just keeps getting better and better. Words matter because words express the thoughts that turn into matter. Personally, I would put this blog as the very first on my list of things a would-be entrepreneur should structure into his/her day. And another thing I love about this post – it introduced me to a new word and therefore a new concept. “paraliminal” – I believe I’m going to let that get around my head 🙂 Thank You, Thank YOU, THANK YOU. prp

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