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Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy

Do You Have An Email Marketing Strategy? Would you like to reach a broad audience in a very direct way? You can do that with Email Marketing! But how can you use email marketing to its fullest potential? In this article, you'll find some great tips that will make the emails you send out a huge success.

Make your marketing emails friendly to mobile users. Many people have freed themselves from the mouse by adopting technologically advanced phones. With this, you will be wise to do slight modification to your format. Customers will appreciate your effort in making your messages easy to read by making sure they are not as wide as a standard-sized email messages.


The Key in your Email Marketing Strategy is Engagement

Use your analytic tools to determine those who are still technically subscribed to your emails but emotionally disengaged. You know they are getting your emails, but you have not seen them click on a link in months. That means they are just deleting your messages on sight. Send them a personal message reminding them of why they signed up in the first place to reignite their attention.

Once you have the format of your email marketing strategy messages set up, you should check it on multiple email clients. In the same way that different browsers can display web pages differently, a strange email client may show your message in an unexpected fashion. Make use of all of the popular free email clients and ensure that your message is going to appear properly on them.


Find the Balance in Your Email Marketing Strategy

Balance when you send emails. Sending them too frequently can come across as spam and may cause you to lose readers. Not emailing frequent enough can make the recipients feel like they've wasted time signing up for emails that they're not getting enough of. Remember your goals and audience so you can pick a happy medium for your email marketing strategy campaign's frequency.

Consider following up with a rumor that a sale is about to end. Insert a statement that tells your clients to subscribe immediately so that they can take advantage of this sale. The closing of the email could tell them not to miss out on this incredible opportunity and to act now.


Scarcity is a well known email marketing strategy driver for people to open emails!

Use your email marketing strategy to get your customers more involved with other promotion portals. For example, always give readers several ways to learn more about what every email is discussing. End every email with your contact information and web address, encourage them to share special promotions through Facebook “Like” buttons or direct them to a video that shows them how best to use a new product.

To get the most of your email marketing strategy, invest in a program that personalizes your emails with every customer's given name instead of a generic greeting. A service I use is Aweber. Ensuring that every email starts with the recipient's name is key to encouraging your customers to see your newsletters as valuable information and not just more sales spam.

When following up with customers, try following up with a sale schedule. Include a link in order for them to view this schedule. The end of the email could inform them that they can get all the specifics on this sale schedule by clicking on the link that was provided to them.

A good way to build positive relationships with your customers is to send out “Happy Birthday” emails. Offer an invitation to add birthday information in your opt-in form to utilize this very personal email. Make it attractive to open and offer something useful or interesting such as a coupon, free sample or percentage off offer to show customers you value their business.

Let customers know how to add your email address to their “safe sender list”. Many people do not know how to prevent certain emails from being sent to their spam folder. Inform them of how to prevent this from happening and encourage them to add you to their address book.

Now that you've read this article, you know how to make email marketing work for you. Apply these tips, and you're sure to see results. Feel free to experiment with what you've learned and develop new strategies of your own. A little emailing can go a very, very long way.

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Do You Have An Email Marketing Strategy?

Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

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    • Willox Perez

      Excellent tips indeed. When I first got started online I always came across the concept of building a list and how the power is in the list. I never quite understood it even though I did try to implement it.

      After a few years of testing, experimenting and learning I finally understood what it meant and how building relationships with people will not only increase your income but give a purpose to your business in a way.

      Great tips on how to provide value as it is truly important. Some people think you can just blast your list with offers but this is not the case.


      • Bruno Buergi

        Thank you Willox for your comment. Relationship is the basis for a successful business.

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    • TracyAnn0312

      Thanks for sharing these great idea in order to have e-mail marketing strategy. I think that having these great idea will help you in order to have wonderful idea so that you are able to achieve your succession.

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thank you for your comment Tracy

        • TracyAnn0312

          Such a pleasure Bruno. As a matter of fact, your site gives us great idea regarding email marketing.

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