The Advantages Of An Email Autoresponder

Email Autoresponder

Email marketing is an essential part of an overall online advertising strategy. Without it, you risk losing many potential customers and sales. Autoresponders are just one of the many features of email marketing that can open the lines of communication with new customers and keep existing customers satisfied. There are several reasons an autoresponder can improve your business.

Build Customer Relations with an Email Autoresponder

Email autoresponders essentially convert anonymous users to subscribers with very little work on your part. New subscribers are fragile essentially because they don’t harbor a strong relationship with your business, and it\’s easy for them to walk away. This is why nurturing the relationship right from the moment it begins is critical.

Using an autoresponder involves writing messages and scheduling delivery times and dates. Companies, such as AWeber, offer customization features that allow you to customize the delivery schedule, control the look and feel of the email using templates, and incorporate graphic images. Designing and scheduling regular email autoresponder messages creates a bond of trust between your business and your email recipients. They can trust that your regular pattern of staying in touch will continue.

Autoresponder software eliminates the risk of missing or forgetting about the customer. When you’re in business, you meet many people, and following up on them is extremely difficult. Anyone subscribed to your email marketing list will hear from you regularly via the autoresponder. Staying in touch and following up leads to repeat sales. Frequent exposure to your products and services will turn conversions for your business, and in many cases, they will be repeated conversions.

Additionally, the autoresponder will serve as a means for funneling more traffic back to your website. Customers can easily find exactly what they’re looking for with links and references in the email that link back to your website. If you advertise a product to your subscribers, they don’t have to open a separate browser window to search for it. You can provide several links throughout the message to the advertised product.

Improve Your Brand and Business Operations

With autoresponders like the one AWeber offers, the software gives you access to valuable tracking information. You can easily get a snapshot of your email marketing performance, which can later be used to craft better messages. Imagine viewing the click rates of your email message links, finding out where your subscribers live, seeing what time of day your subscribers are taking action, and much more.

Email marketers also enjoy that email autoresponders provide a solid means for customization. This means you can add your logo, address, phone number, and slogan to your email messages for easy communication and brand establishment with your subscribers. Many email marketing templates are designed to be easily personalized for the marketer’s business. Lucky for you, long gone are the days of generic-looking, boring email messages.

Arguably one of the most important aspects of using an email autoresponder with your business is that the software relieves you of needing to hire an additional person. Someone else must spend hours tapping out and delivering carefully crafted messages without an autoresponder. Unfortunately, this also leaves quite a large margin for human error. Effort spent on manually writing emails can always be better used for other operations and practices. An autoresponder will give you a much better ROI on your marketing efforts.

Lastly, the subscriber lists used by email autoresponders are highly customizable. You can easily divide your subscribers into categories and groups for marketing products to appropriate demographics. New subscribers and existing subscribers can even be divided into two groups so that you can provide separate offers and marketing treatment. For example, your new subscribers wouldn’t benefit from a message about an accessory for a product they haven’t yet purchased. Likewise, existing customers wouldn’t benefit from a marketing newsletter for a product they’ve already purchased. Send better, more efficient emails using an email autoresponder to do the work for you.

If you’re not already using email marketing as a part of your online advertising campaign, there has never been a better time to start. Tap into a vast pool of potential sales and customers with your business using an email autoresponder today. Check out AWeber for the best products and services in online marketing.

Bruno Buergi

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  1. Hi Bruno,
    Having an email autoresponder is definately important as it helps us stay in touch with our list and our new customers and leads 🙂

    Awesome post!

  2. Hi Bruno ,
    This is Mind Blowing Information Very interesting Article , Superb Work , I like it , Thank You very Much For SHaring ,e informative Post ,

  3. Very good advice, especially for a newbie starting out in an online business. You definitely need to have an autoresponder. I also use Aweber and find it so easy to use. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Good point, Bruno. One of the things I regret is not having used an autoresponder from the start!

  5. Autoresponders are great but I prefer the good ol’ days of typing out emails personally to each individual customers. Molding out personal items to each individual really leads to a closer rapport. Although, autoresponders do help a great deal when you have 100+ subscribers. I already got tired answering 20 of them. Haha!

    1. As soon as you have a +1000 subscriber it get a real problem to communicate without an autoresponder. Is makes life much easier. Key is that you write compelling content to your subscriber.

  6. Hi,

    It’s a good post here and I want to share my experience about manage my subscribe lists for tech deals at my website.

    In the first time, it’s hard to tell people to following and subscribe to our email list but after time over time to build a good content and offering a lot of freebie things, it’s work.

    It’s also hard to manage a huge list and need to make sure to not miss any of email when you send a newsletter to subscribe.

    I got one trouble when switch from myself manage list to MailChimp because they ask too much to verify my list. So if anyone have plan to build your subscribe list, I suggest to use MailChimp because they offering 2,000 free contact, no cost at all. Then after you don’t need to switch from one to another one. It’s very trouble.

    1. HI Alize, I’m glad you like MailChimp. I use Aweber and I’m very satisfied with it because the service is very good and the delivery rate of the emails is also very high.

  7. Heylo.. Autoresponders are great but I prefer the good ol’ days of typing out emails personally to each individual customers.It’s also hard to manage a huge list and need to make sure to not miss any of email when you send a newsletter to subscribe. I also use Aweber and find it so easy to use. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Bruno,
    Very good advice!
    Because at starting it’s okay not to have an autoresponder. But when subscriber visits it pains a lot to reply everyone
    So autoresponder is a must have tool for bloggers

  9. Hi Bruno,

    Awesome post. Yes email autoresponder is a must have to grow an email list. There are also other advantages like keeping in touch with your subscribers.

    I am also planning to go for an autoresponder for my blog. But I am a bit confused to use aweber or getresponse. Both of them are widely used.

    Thanks for sharing !

  10. Email marketing in today’s time has got its importance and the traffic therefrom is highly targeted. Growing the email list is one of the preferred things I do when starting a new blog. THanks for the nice and informative article Bruno!

  11. Email marketing is always crucial for all of those who want to make their own list with some emails because this is going very viral these days and having long scope too.
    Thank you giving a good guide over it. i like it very much.

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