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Day Tour to Enjoy

Last Saturday my wife and I decided to make a Day Tour to the western part of Switzerland. We live in Winterthur in the eastern part of Switzerland. Winterthur is about 30 km north of Zürich. It is in the Swiss German speaking part of Switzerland.

The Beginning of our Day Tour

In the morning we took the train from Winterthur to Biel. It took us nearby 2 hours. Often we take the train when we do a day tour. In Switzerland we have a real good train system and it’s often the case that you are much quicker than by car.

Biel or Bienne is a bi-lingual town in the western part of Switzerland. The people there speak Swiss German as well as French. Through Biel goes the language border. The funny thing is at the language border it is not a straight line. There are towns and villages where people speak German and the next one they speak French.

Biel/Bienne is also famous for watches.  For example the headquarters of Swatch, the biggest watch manufacturer in Switzerland, is located in Biel. Beside that there are many others watch manufacturer in Biel and surroundings.

After we arrived at the Biel railway station we walked about ten minutes to the funicular. We drove with the funicular up the hill to Magglingen. In Magglingen is the Swiss national sport education and training center. From there you have a beautiful view over Biel and the lake of Biel. We spent some time enjoying the scenery.

The Start of the Hiking Trail

From there we started hiking. At the beginning we walked through a beautiful forest. Later landscape was more open. It changed constantly between forest and grassland.

After a while we came across a nice restaurant at Twannberg. We decided to make a break there and enjoyed a fine dessert, a coffee and the stunning view over the landscape and the lake.

Some time later we continued our hiking tour. At the entrance to the Twann canyon there was a glassblowing manufacturer with an exhibition. We took the time to walk through the exhibition. It’s interesting what you can produce with glass.

Right outside the glassblowing manufacturing started the trail through the Twann canyon. It’s not a huge one but very nice. We walked on a small trail through the canyon. Along the trail there were many nice waterfalls and rock formations.

At the end of the canyon is the village Twann. It is located at the lake of Biel. Twann is famous for growing wine. It seems all people from the village are winemakers or have a restaurant where you can drink the wine. As most people do after a nice hiking tour we went into a restaurant and ate something and drank, of course, a glass of local wine.

The End of the Day Tour

From Twann to Biel we traveled by boat. We enjoyed the trip on the boat on the sunny deck and reflected over the day. In Biel there was a huge crowd of people. A duathlon was going on. On the way to the railway station we saw how the athletes arrived by bike at the transition area and later we saw them on the running part.

Happily we got into the train and took the homeward journey. For us it was a fulfilling day. We love doing such day trips to areas were we seldom are. You get a lot of new impressions, new ideas and you recharge your batteries.

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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

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    6 replies to "A Day Tour Trip"

    • Liane Markus

      It seems like the two of yo really had a great time and you had fun with you one day tour trip. Some times, it is really nice to have a tour with your love one. Thanks for the photos.

      • Bruno Buergi

        Yes Liane, we had really fun and the weather was beautiful.

        • Liane Markus

          Perhaps, you might want to share us more of your great adventure together the next time you will be having your next tour trip. =)

          • Bruno Buergi

            I definitely will write more blogs about our day tours.

    • Christi Johnson

      Bruno, I have to say…this was an AMAZIING trip to share with us. I miss living in Europe. We were in Britain for three years, and leaving was among one of the more depressing things I have ever had to do. Our entire quality of life went down overnight. I miss the scenery, the fresh air, and the culture. It was amazing…wish I could go back right now.

      Thank you so much for sharing with us. I will most certainly be back!!

      • Bruno Buergi

        Thank you Christi for your comment. Who knows maybe you have the opportunity to come back to Europe?

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