The Charge – Brendon Burchard – A Review

The Charge | Brendon Burchard

How I got Brendon Burchards Book “The Charge” for Free

At the beginning of May I got an email from Brendon Burchard. In a video Brendon talked about his new book “The Charge” and that he want to reward his loyal readers. The first 1000 who signed up got his book for free. I was one of the lucky ones who got his book for free and a couple of days it arrived it at my home.

The Charge

The Charge by Brendon Burchard

Reading “The Charge” on holiday

While I write now this blog post I’m on holiday in Avegno. Avegno is in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland in a nice valley. My wife and I, we stay in a nice Rustico. You maybe ask: “What is a Rustico?” A Rustico is a typical old house for this area made mainly from the stones from this valley. From outside they are very basic. Nowadays many of this Rusticos are renovated inside (usually it is not allowed to change the outside of the building) and have the normal quality standard.

The Rustico | The Charge

The Rustico we stayed

So we enjoy now our holiday here and beside blogging and relaxing we often go hiking in the area. And when we find a nice place we make a rest and I take time to read “The Charge” from Brendon Burchard.

What’s in the book from Brendon Burchard

The subtitle from “The Charge” is: “Activating the 10 human drives that make you feel alive.” When I read this I thought about it. What are the real drivers that make us to feel alive, to feel happy and fulfilled? It’s not an easy question I think.

In his book Brendon speaks first a bit about his story and then about the 3 basic lives he explored during his study over the last fifteen years when he worked with people. They are:

  • The Caged Life
  • The Comfortable Life
  • The Charged Life

He explains the free stages very well and as I read it I found something in every of these 3 stages that reflected with me.

Move to the Charged Life

Now it comes to the real thing. How do we move from a caged or comfortable live to a fully “Charged life”? And this is the main part in Brendon Burchards book. He writes first about the baseline drivers. These are:

  • Control
  • Competence
  • Congruence
  • Caring
  • Connection

These are the basics to have a control over your life. And that’s what’s matter. You have to be in control of your life and be more aware what’s going on and how to influence the quality and the energy in your life.

The last five drivers are the forward drivers. What drives us forward to a fulfilled life. He writes about:

  • Change
  • Challenge
  • Creative Expression
  • Contribution
  • Consciousness

From my point of view, when you go through all these chapters and also go through his Charge Points at the end of every chapter you will see some changes. You will be inspired to go in another direction and think different when things happen to you in your life.

The awareness you gain will have an impact on you. But here is the clue, nobody is perfect and every person has up’s and down’s. As Brendon Burchard writes ins his conclusion, even he hasn’t mastered all these points.

I think everyone should read “The Charge” from Brendon Burchard. What you learn will help you to have more control over your life and you will have more fulfillment in your daily life. You can buy the book right now through Amazon.