Building A Business is Like A Marathon
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When you hear marathon, I’m sure, something exhausting comes to your mind. And it’s true, a marathon is exhausting.

The same thing is with business. Especially when you start a business it is exhausting. You can really compare it with a marathon.


Why Building A Business Is Like A Marathon


When you start a business, you start with great hope and excitement. But soon, some obstacles cross your way.


Maybe you made a plan before you started and after some time you realize that you are far away from the target you set in your plan. And easily frustration comes up. You start to feel guilty or like a loser. And these feelings will kill your dreams.


One of the reasons these feelings come up is because people don’t tell you the truth about building a business. Especially in the earning money online industry. There are so many false promises out there, that everyone can make money fast and get rich.


The reality is, that only very few make money fast. And usually, when you know their story, they already had certain skills and they worked on their business like a madman.


Most people who start an online business start from scratch. This means they do not have the skills they need for internet marketing. And here begin the problems. Building an online business needs education on certain skills.


So many people, me included, are not aware of this at the beginning. And when they don’t make money fast, they quit.



What You Need For your Marathon


The one thing you really need is persistence. Otherwise, you will lose the game. Building a business takes time, like running a marathon compared to a sprint. You don’t learn copywriting and marketing overnight. You have to dig in and improve your skills on a daily basis. And over time, you master these skills. That is the point where your business takes a giant leap forward. Suddenly things start to get easier.


Maybe you are now at a point where huge obstacles are in front of you, or you want to start an online business. The advice I can give you from my experience is, don’t give up and go further.



Survive The Marathon


The fastest way to survive the marathon and build a successful business is to work with a mentor. A mentor can shortcut the process of building a business.


Nevertheless, you have to learn the skills. You have to do the work. But the mentor can show you which tools are better. He can show you what is working now and what you have to adjust in your business to make the progress you wish.


I don’t say, this is easy. I don’t say, work is involved. But when you have the dream to build your own business and have the freedom of being your own boss, then it’s worth taking the actions you need to take.


When you want to see, where I learned my skills and how I shortcut my marathon in building my business, then just click here and receive your 4-day video bootcamp. In this video training, you can see and hear, what you need to build your own online business.


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Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

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    • Andrea Wisden

      Ha yes, wish I'd known this before I started out too. This is so true, it's definitely a marathon, which is a shame, because I was only geared up for a quick sprint for the bus 😉 Great tips here, as usual, Bruno.

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