Blogging To Make Money – A New Way Of Living

Blogging to make money

Blogging to make money can be a great way to live. The question is, how easy is it to achieve? Well, it’s not so easy to say. It depends on several things. Here I will share some important points for blogging to make money.

Persistence For Blogging To Make Money

One of the most important things when it comes to blogging to make money is persistence. Without persistence, you will not attract many readers to your blog. Blogging to make money takes regular action.

It’s important that you create regular content. The best thing is daily. But when you are busy, because you have a job or any other responsibilities, then it’s often difficult to blog daily. Create a habit and a regular frequency to publish content.

For example, you want to create 3 blogs a week. But you have only at the weekend time to write than you can schedule the publish date at different days. And when you publish your blog posts always on certain days of the week, readers will come back at these days to your blog.

Share Value For Blogging To Make Money

The more value you share, the bigger audience you will have. And at the same time, people will begin to trust you. The more trust you have, the more likely is it, that people will buy from you.

A good way to deepen the relationship with your audience is to give a free gift when people sign up for your newsletter. Then you can share much more value to your list and build an ever-deepening relationship with them. And from time to time you can make an offer to people to join your business or to buy a product.

Blogging To Make Money In A Niche

It’s also important when you are blogging to make money, that you have your niche. The more specific your niche is, the more likely is it that you make money. Because you attract the ideal customer to your blog. When you are too general, the people who are interested in the things you offer do not find the way to your blog and so you make no money with it.

Blogging to make money needs also your own identity. Write the way you would speak when someone stands in front of you. Be natural in your writing. In this way, you will connect much better with your audience. People do not like to read aloof content.

I hope these tips help you on your way blogging to make money. When you want to know where I learned my skills and how I make the most of money, then just click here.

Bruno Buergi

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  1. Great tips on making money from your blog, Bruno. I think networking is a good thing when you first start out, because it can be difficult to get people to read what you're writing about. I also find taking part in blog challenges is a brilliant way of getting in the habit of writing daily…and networking at the same time!

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