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Want To Get Traffic To Your Blog, As A Beginner

This is a big problem when you first start a blog, how do I get traffic?  Some people say SEO, while others talk about paid traffic, and yet others about back links.  So, who is right?  Don’t get scared when I say all of them.  We will walk through the process, in some easy steps.



  • Where do I go to start a blog?
  • Why WordPress?
  • What is a plug-in?
  • Other things you need to know?
Before we get into the steps, I’m sure some of you may be wondering what a blog is and why you need one.  For those that already understand just move to the next section.

What is a blog?  In the simplest terms, a blog is a web site, that you write posts/articles/information to.  A post is just your thoughts, feelings, etc. on your day, or on a topic that interests you.  What you are reading is a blog post/article.  You can talk about anything on your blog, just remember to try to make it something that a person would want to read about.

Why do you need one?  This is more for people that want to make money online, then for a person that just wants to tell stories and write a daily joke or two.  In the Internet marketing game, we need to create what I call an authority site.  This is a site for people to come and find out more about you and what you stand for, and a personal blog is one of the best ways to supply that need.

Where Do I Go To Start A Blog, A Blogging For Beginners Guide.

There are many places that you can start your own blog.  Sites like Blogger Blog, Webbly, and  There are many others and all you would need to do, is a search to find them, but for myself, I would recommend starting with

Why do I recommend WordPress When It Comes To Blogging For Beginners!

It is one of the easiest platforms to use and once you understand how to set up a WordPress site you can build any type of site/page that you want using their themes.

As a beginner, you can get your feet wet without it costing a dime, as is free.  And, once you have the basics you can move to private hosting and build sites, quickly, to start generating money online.  You can also export your site to the new hosting, with a few clicks of the mouse, which makes it easy to move to paid hosting.

Why would you move, because does not allow you to monetize your site without paying for the service, and if you are going to pay you should move to paid hosting with your own domain name.  On WordPress, your domain name has on the end of it and that does not look as good as

What Is A Plug-in And Why Do I Need Them As A Blogging Beginner?

A plug-in is a piece of software that helps you perform a task in WordPress.  As an example, you may have seen the translate button on this page, you may even be using it to read this article.  This is not a standard feature of WordPress, this is a plug-in.  There are plug-in’s for just about anything that you could think of.

A word of WARNING!!!!!  There have been a lot of problems with hackers, getting into the plug-in’s, so you want to make sure that before you install any plug-in, that you see when it was up-dated last.  Ones that are not up to date, I would not install on your site.

Other Things Blogging Beginners Need To Know?

Some of the other things that you need to learn about:

Adding pictures to WordPress.
Adding Videos to WordPress.
Marketing Basics, to make money online.

The list goes on and on.  So, take things one step at a time, and have fun with it.  You never know what you can do, until you do it.

Please leave comments and questions in the comment area, I look at every one of them.

Written by Ken Somerville

Ken Somerville

Bruno Buergi
Bruno Buergi

Bruno Buergi is a Switzerland based digital entrepreneur. He teaches people all over the world how to make money online with only a laptop.

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