Think and Speak

You Get What You Think And Speak About Most Of The Time

By Bruno Buergi

What you think and speak always has a huge influence on your life. Because you focus on the things you think and speak about. That’s the natural behavior. The way you think and speak is mainly influenced by your parents, siblings, teachers, and any other significant person during your childhood. Some other important events during […]

How to do Marketing

How To Do Marketing With A Shoestring Budget

By Bruno Buergi

How to do marketing when your wallet is empty? Well, it’s challenging, and you must be persistent when you want to see results and a well-filled wallet. You may have seen posts on Facebook and other social media sites where people proclaim they made xy sales within 24 hours. Don’t let yourself be distracted from […]

How can I make money online

How Can I Make Money Online With My Laptop

By Bruno Buergi

These days, many people want to abandon the traditional world of work to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Doing so is great because it can be the first step towards personal and professional fulfillment. While there are many ways that an individual can generate wealth on their own, building an online business has become an incredibly […]

Financial Education

Financial Education Is Part Of Building A Business

By Bruno Buergi

Financial education belongs to every business. If it’s in the traditional business world or the online world. Finances are an important part of every business, and it’s also one of the main reasons businesses crash. You should always know how it is about your finances in your business. You need absolute control over it as […]

Passion for Business

You Need Some Passion For Business To Make Money Online

By Bruno Buergi

Do you have a passion for business? When not, ask yourself why you don’t have the passion. I think many people in a 9 to 5 job lack passion for business, and there are many reasons. Here are some points that can cause lacking of passion: Too much stress on the job Feeling not get […]

Skills you need for Success

Skills You Need For Success In The Online World

By Bruno Buergi

Skills you need for success when you build an online business have changed over the years. As life changes constantly, things change even more quickly online. Only to mention the Google Algorithm updates. To succeed online, you must know what is working and what is not. The question is, how do you get the information […]

Importance of Focus

The Importance Of Focus When You Start A Business

By Bruno Buergi

When you want to build a business, you must learn about the focus’s importance. Focus is a real key to success. The better you focus on the work you have to do, the better. What do I mean when I talk about the importance of focus? It’s very simple: focus on the work you have […]

Witch Social Media should I use

Which Social Media Should I Use For My Business

By Bruno Buergi

Which social media should I use to grow my business? Or should I use all major ones? Well, it depends on which niche you are in. It’s not only how big the social media site is that makes a difference when you ask yourself which social media you should use. It depends on whether the […]

How to make money from home

How To Make Money From Home For A Living

By Bruno Buergi

How to make money from home and start a new way of living starts with deciding what you want to do. There are many ways you can make money and work from home. Not all ways have the same income potential. In this blog post, I focus on making money online. How To Make Money […]

Lead Generation Tips

5 Lead Generation Tips To Grow Your List And Business

By Bruno Buergi

These lead-generation tips will help you to grow your business. When you have an online business, lead generation is your lifeblood. But it’s not only about how many leads you generate. It’s also about the quality of the leads and, in principle, the quality of the people you attract to your business. To grow a […]

Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips To Grow Your Business!

By Bruno Buergi

Social media belongs to every marketing campaign for every business. Social media have grown enormously over the last few years, and it looks like it will grow even more. With these social media tips, I want to give you some guidelines to follow to grow your business. Nevertheless, to make money with our social media […]

Feed your Mind

Feed Your Mind With The Right Thoughts For Success

By Bruno Buergi

Feed your mind with positive thoughts, and it will help you to achieve what you want. On the other side, feed your mind with negative thoughts, and you do not have to wonder when you always are facing the crap in your life. You may have heard it several times: „What you think most of […]