Affiliate Marketing Explained – The Start Of A New Experience

Affiliate Marketing Explained

Affiliate Marketing explained is about showing you what affiliate marketing is and what your options are.

When you are starting new in the earn money online world, then affiliate marketing is from my point of view one of the best ways to start. The reason is that you do not even need your own product. You can completely focus on marketing different kinds of products.

Affiliate Marketing Explained: What Is Affiliate Marketing

Well, affiliate marketing is in principle very similar to many high street shops in your town. You sell products from other companies and some of the margin you get.

The way it works is a bit different than the one of the shops in the high street. There are many ways, how companies sell their products through affiliate marketers and here I want to explain you some of the most usual ways.

The principle is, when you want to sell a product from a company, you need a so-called „affiliate link“ which is traced back to you. Then you can advertise these links in different ways online. And when someone clicks your link and buys the product, you get a certain commission from the company.

The commission can be between 5% and 100%. It depends on the company and how they set up the affiliate system.

Affiliate Marketing Explained: Where Do I Find A Product

When you are starting new with affiliate marketing, you may ask yourself, where do I find a product to sell. There are many platforms out there where you can find products. Here I want to explain some systems and everyone there are many similar out there on the internet.

One of the easiest ways to find products is Clickbank. You can easily register there and start browsing the products you want to sell. There are thousands of products in many niches. Your search for the product and then you can create there your unique link to advertise with one click.

Sites like JVZoo are also easy to join. The difference there is, that when you have found a product, you have to apply it to promote the product. And the owner of the product has to approve you. As you see, it’s more complicated than Clickbank. The advantage of JVZoo is, often there are better products.

Affiliate Marketing Explained

A third system is companies where you have to apply to join. Usually, you have to fill out a form and you have to send them the form. The difficult thing with such companies is, when you start as an affiliate marketer, you don’t get approved. Usually, you can only join such companies when you have already a track as an affiliate marketer or someone introduces you to the company. Connections count here. The good thing with products from such companies convert better and are often higher priced, so you make more money with each sale.

Affiliate Marketing Explained: Affiliate Marketing Membership Communities

The best way to do affiliate marketing is when you join exclusive private communities, like the Launchyou. To join such communities, you have to join through a member of the community.

One of the reasons I like such communities is because they provide great training on building a sustainable affiliate business. They are always ahead of what’s going on online and they share „the secrets“ of online marketing with the members.

The advantage of such communities, like Mentors, is, that have a great portfolio of products from low prized entry products, up to high tickets. For example, with Launchyou, you can make up to $8’000 for one sale. I hope you see the advantage of such a product portfolio. You do not need to make a huge amount of sales to make a living.

The disadvantage of such kinds of business communities is, you have to pay a monthly membership fee. But with the membership fee, you get great training and a community platform where people share their latest tips and tricks.

Now, after affiliate marketing is explained,  you have an overview of affiliate marketing. As you see, there are many ways how you can profit from affiliate marketing. When you want to learn more about Llauchyou, where I earn the most money with my Laptop Lifestyle Business, then just click here!

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