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With all the ways one can make money from home, none has grown as rapidly as that of affiliate marketing. In 2008, a record $2.1 billion was earned from affiliate marketing sites and blog, as reported by Jupiter research.


Affiliate marketing tracks Internet traffic and how third-party sites help to sell products and services from another entity. The digital footprint of the purchaser serves to collect ad revenue, not unlike the fees collected from a cable network for commercials aired. In this scenario, the host site is the cable network, and the link to the product being offered is the ad that generates revenue.


With such growth in the field, many are searching for affiliate marketing examples to help them know what success looks like and how to avoid potential failures. Of the many affiliate marketing examples one could find online, here are three very different ones that achieve success with slight variations in their execution.



Affiliate Marketing Examples #1

Entrepreneurs Journey


One of the more common affiliate marketing examples comes in the form of a blog.


For many sites, blogs are often considered supplements to the main site, a way to inform visitors of updates rather than mailing out a newsletter. However, with the right composition of posts, a blog can be an effective ally in marketing. The way blogs can earn revenue is by focusing these posts on the products of their affiliates, which Entrepreneurs-Journey does quite well.


Avoiding to go down the realm of reviews, falling into the ranks of sites like Amazon, this site has informal discussions on news surrounding topics, tacking on links to purchase them with subtlety.


As the name of the site suggests, Entrepreneurs-Journey discusses how people can start down the road of self-employment. Because of the subject matter discussed on this blog, affiliate products relevant to the ongoing discussion can be referenced casually, giving the illusion that nothing is being marketed and it is just a post on the topic at hand. This kind of stealth marketing works best, as the audience is seeking some form of guidance and it is being offered up honestly and unobstructed, with the added benefit of providing the holder of the affiliate program with a potential client.



Affiliate Marketing Examples #2

Gain Weight and Muscle


Affiliate Marketing With Body BuildingVisiting this site is much like driving down the highway of an imagined future where billboards cloud the sky. On either side of the page, and on but the top and bottom border, are ads violently asking for the visitor's attention. This can cause some disorientation as someone may not know exactly what it is the site wants from them or where they might be expected to find the information they originally set out to find.


Though overzealous at first glance, eventually visitors will find their way to product reviews and testimonials of a variety of nutrition supplements for athletes, bodybuilders more specifically. In fact, following the ads or any of the hyperlinks on most pages direct the visitor back to the product reviews of these nutrition supplements. These reviews come in differing lengths in an attempt to attract both cautious buyers and serious researchers alike, though the more detailed text is presented upfront, likely to allay any concerns one might have about the site's legitimacy. As to be expected, these reviews are all positive, ranging from the four to five-star ratings, detailing just how perfect the product was for their fitness goals. Whether accurate or not is open for debate, as many things concerning fitness can be, however, they exist primarily to attract clicks to the merchant's site.


Under the products, there is a way for a visitor to find the product either directly from the merchant or another distributor. On this particular site, using the affiliate site nets a $53 commission per sale, nearly three-quarters of the total value of many of their products. With this payout in mind, it is easy to see why they'd like to blind their visitors with banner ads.


While the posting of positive reviews can be effective for some, seasoned athletes familiar with such supplements may need more convincing. In this, the true secret weapon of this site is exposed.


Another set of reviews made available is for competitors' products. These reviews also exist with great detail, they are structured in a way that attempts to convince the visitor that products other than those offered through them, the affiliate, is simply not worth their time or could force them to retrogress from their goals. This serves as a pull for those on the fence, unsure if they would commit to a purchase. In seeing a potential product you would purchase being listed as ineffective when compared to an effective product, many may opt to purchase what is being more prominently advertised.



Affiliate Marketing Examples #3

Haircut Advice


Affiliate Marketing Examples | Make Money Online As A HairdresserA bit different from the other two mentioned in this article, Haircut Advice does not gain income from affiliate programs, but from context ads. That means that there is no revenue collected from actual purchases but from clicking the link on a site that leads to the product or service advertised.


Though not as popular with affiliate marketers as programs with merchants, it is still very popular. One such program is AdSense, run by Google, assigning these context ads to sites all over the web. Unlike affiliate programs, these ads, as their namesake suggests, pair with the content of a site that receives high traffic because it focuses on a particular topic or market. The rates differ, but for these ads, a site can generate revenue for a few cents per X amount of clicks. Knowing the volume of traffic one receives regularly, they can opt into a program that will offer the best payout for them.


By using context ads, Haircut Advice avoids the need for affiliate programs completely. This works in their favor as this is more akin to a style guide found in a magazine rather than detailed information on business or fitness. The information is all visitors want, and because of that, the best chance to make any income has to come from those seeking more information and not necessarily a product. Because the context ads come in a line of code, tailored specifically for these kinds of sites, the draw for clicks is strong.


Also, pairing with Google is a boon to the site. At the top of several sections, one can see the company's branding on full display. The recognition of the name makes those more likely to click the ads, sensing some direct promise of integrity to await them.


I hope these Affiliate Marketing Examples inspire you to get started with affiliate marketing. When you want to learn more about how you can start with affiliate marketing as I do with the Six Figure Mentors, Just click here to receive your free four-day video training about how to start your own home business.


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