The Experience On Your Blog by Bruno Buergi

Proven Ways to Improve The Experience On Your Blog

To improve the experience on your blog, there are proven ways to do it. Nowadays there is enough information and statistic out there about what is working now.   To make money with your blog or website, you definitely have to take a closer look at the infographic below. The better the experience on your…

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Start A Home Business by Bruno Buergi

It Is Never Too Late To Start A Home Business

Start A Home Business can be the solution for you. Whatever your situation is at the moment. Maybe you just started your business career, you are a stay at home mum, or you are a baby boomer, like I am.   When you are a baby boomer, than you may have enough from the day…

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Search Engine Optimization Working by Bruno Buergi

Is Search Engine Optimization Working Nowadays

Is Search Engine Optimization Working after all these Google animals updates? My answer is yes. When you have a blog or website, you still have to optimize them for the search engines. The reason is, the search engine must know what your website or blog post is about.   What changed over the last few…

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Building A Business is Like A Marathon

Building A Business Is More Like A Marathon Than A Sprint

When you hear marathon, I’m sure, something exhausting comes in your mind. And it’s true, a marathon is exhausting. The same thing is with business. Especially when you start a business it is exhausting. You can really compare it with a marathon.   Why Building A Business Is Like A Marathon   When you start…

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Living The Laptop Lifestyle by Bruno Buergi

Building A Business And Living The Laptop Lifestyle

Living the laptop lifestyle is possible when you have a business that has no physical place you have to be. This means, you can work at your business wherever you are in the world.   There are several options to create such a business. For example:   Internet Marketing Coaching through phone or Skype Forex…

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Start Internet Marketing by Bruno Buergi

What You Need When You Start Internet Marketing

Start Internet Marketing is in some cases easy and hard at the same time. It’s easy, because you can start without a huge investment. It’s hard, because it’s something new for most people and you have to learn new skills.   Start Internet Marketing With The End In Mind   Before you start internet marketing,…

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Blogging To Make Money by Bruno Buergi

Blogging To Make Money – A New Way Of Living

Blogging to make money can be a great way to live. The question is, how easy is it to achieve? Well, it’s not so easy to say. It depends on several things. Here I will share some important points for blogging to make money.   Persistence For Blogging To Make Money   One of the…

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Procrastination by Bruno Buergi

Procrastination – Why People Fail To Achieve Their Goals

Procrastination is the one thing too many people aren’t achieving their goals and dreams. It’s not that people are lazy. The thing is, that so many things are going on. It’s so easy to get distracted nowadays.   Another thing I discussed a short time ago with some of my marketing friends. It’s procrastination. I…

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Affiliate Marketing Explained by Bruno Buergi

Affiliate Marketing Explained – The Start Of A New Experience

Affiliate Marketing explained is about showing you what affiliate marketing is and what your options are.   When you are starting new in the earn money online world, then affiliate marketing is from my point of view one of the best way to start. The reason is, because you don not even need your own…

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Starting a Home Business

What Are The Challenges When Starting A Home Business

Starting a home business is a challenge most people are not aware. There are many things you don’t know before you start. In this blog post I want to share some experience I made and things I see in this industry why people don’t get ahead when they are starting a home business.   Starting…

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Bruno Buergi - Working From Home

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Working From Home

Working from home can be very tricky. Many people out there are dreaming of working from home, so that they can be their own boss. There are some obstacles on the way and you have to be aware of them before you start working from home.   The Right Business Model For Working From Home…

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Make Money Blogging by Bruno Buergi

Make Money Blogging To Create The Laptop Lifestyle

Make money blogging is something many people wish to do. Fact is, that most bloggers do not make money with their blog. Here I want to share some tips you can apply to get more traffic to your blog and at the same time to make money with it.   Strategies To Make Money Blogging…

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Important Elements For Your Blog

What Are The 6 Most Important Elements For Your Blog

What are the important elements for your blog? In this blog post I will share with you some fundamentals you have to integrate when you want have lot of readers and success with your blog.   The 6 most important elements for your blog are: Include engaging photos or graphics Use clean design and layout…

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I joined the Six Figure Mentors

Why I Joined The Six Figure Mentors – SFM

The reason why I joined the Six Figure Mentors at that time was because I was not fulfilled in my job. 30 years in my job and I did not like it anymore. At that time I was looking for another solution for my future. But when I applied for a different job than my…

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Shiny Objects by Bruno Buergi

Why Shiny Objects Don’t Help To Grow Your Business

Shiny objects appears all day long when you are an internet marketer. But are these so called „biggest opportunity ever“ and so on really help you to build a sustainable business from home, so that you can quit your job?   What all these shiny objects have in common, they all provide you with the…

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